Note to President Bush: If you want to pass the bailout bill, I suggest that you call Tom Craddick. He knows how to pass bills. The first thing he’ll do is tell all the Republicans that if they don’t vote for the bill, they won’t get another dime in election funding, and oh, by the way, he’s expanding the Agriculture and Livestock committee next session so that urban Democrats can study farm problems and brucellosis funding. He won’t make a stupid partisan speech like Nancy Pelosi did BEFORE the bill was voted on. How dumb was that? And he’ll make damn sure that the bill protects people’s investments, because all he really cares about is his own investments, and if he’s protected, everybody else will be too. Anybody who tries to speak against the bill will have to recite Article 5, Section 24 of the House Rules from memory. And then he won’t recognize them.