I find the silence from the Governor’s Mansion deafening. It has been a long time since Greg Abbott weighed in on any major issue in the legislative session. As one who has put ethics front and center, you might think he would have concerns about the contracting scandal at HHS and making a determination on Kyle Janek’s future. He can’t be pleased that occupant of the office he previously held is an admitted lawbreaker (and Sid Miller at the Ag Department could be headed for trouble as well).

If Abbott has an agenda, he certainly hasn’t revealed it. He hasn’t made a decision about the future of Kyle Janek at HHS. He hasn’t commented on the proposals of the House and Senate education committees. He hasn’t had much to say about Pre-K, which was a cornerstone of his campaign. I want him to succeed, but time is running out on the session and Abbott has not provided any leadership, except for his comment about Texas being “California-ized,” which has had the unfortunate effect of unleashing lawmakers to undermine the idea of local control.

(AP Photo/Austin American-Statesman by Jay Janner)