Haven’t Dick Weekley and Leo Linbeck inflicted enough damage on Texas politics through TLR without starting a new PAC (with Harlan Crow)? The unmodestly named Texas Citizen Leader PAC proclaims that it will support politicians based on their adherence to four basic principles: limited government, individual liberty, free enterprise and free trade, and economic growth. Pardon me for asking, but is there a crying need for this PAC? Have I missed that the Legislature is full of members who are laying plans to expand the scope of government, to infringe upon individual liberties, to take Texas down the path of socialism, and to thwart economic growth? Or could it be that something else is going on here, such as a plan to dump big money into primary elections at the 8-day milestone to influence the outcome? It would really be nice if the founders, who contributed $50,000 each, have realized that Republican primary voters, thanks to Rick Perry, are about to send a bunch of Republican freshmen to Austin who are more interested in nullification and the Tenth Amendment than in governing the state, and their real purpose is to try to move the Republican party back toward the center. But I’m not betting on it.