In the battle over the future direction of the state, one player is missing in action. It is the state’s business community, which has been absent without leave. Business interests have been content to count their profits while state government falls into the hands of the tea party. The things that business needs, which can be summed up as infrastructure, are essential to the future of the state’s economy. I’m talking about roads, water projects, and electricity generation. But tea party types have been largely indifferent to the needs of the state, and the business community has not gotten engaged. Showing up at a press conference to advocate for roads on the last day of the regular session is not going to have much of an impact, and, sure enough, it didn’t. The only way to have an impact is to form a PAC, get engaged in political races, and try to win beat the members who don’t care about your agenda. But the business leaders don’t want to get their hands dirty. As long as that remains the case, the business community’s agenda is a non-starter, and you can be sure that the issues business cares about will continue to be neglected in 2015 and beyond.