Readers may or may not be aware that Republican consultant Bryan Eppstein has said that Senate District 10, the Fort Worth district that is represented by Wendy Davis, has a +6 to +7 point Republican advantage, based on the new map drawn by three-judge panel in San Antonio. His conclusions have been challenged by Anthony Spangler, Davis’s communications director.  Spangler writes, “I spent years covering political races in Tarrant County, and I can tell you that 6-7 percent pipe dream that Eppstein is trying to sell is ridiculous . Wendy outperformed Obama, she split Republican straight ticket voters, and the district straight ticket voting was dead even.” Subsequent to receiving Mr. Spangler’s e-mail, I received a communication from Mr. Eppstein, in which Mr. Eppstein strongly objected to statements Mr. Spangler said he made to Mr. Eppstein at a previous time, but Mr. Eppstein said he did not make. I am perfectly happy to publish statistics, but I am not going to publish name-calling, nor am I going to try to resolve differences that the parties may have had in the past. For that reason, I am going to strike Mr. Spangler’s personal comments about Mr. Eppstein and I will withhold publication of vituperative remarks by either party. My purpose was to try to give readers a picture of what Ms. Davis’s race is like. This blog is not going to be a forum for airing personal grievances about who said what to whom and when. We will find out who was right when the votes are counted. [remainder of column omitted]