I don’t know how many readers look at readers’ comments to postings, so I’m going to republish a couple of comments concerning my post about the selection of Elsa Murano as the sole finalist for president of Texas A&M. As I said in that post, Aggie sources told me that Perry switched his allegiance late in the selection process from interim president Eddie Joe Davis to Murano. Both commenters say that she got the job by promising to name the planned Ag building for Rick Perry. Readers can judge for themselves how much credence to give these comments. My purpose in posting them is not to endorse what they say, but rather to place the allegations on the record. If the building bears Perry’s name, we’ll know.

The comments, both of which were posted anonymously:

FIRST COMMENT: I can’t say whether Murano will be an effect President for A&M but she is in the Perry camp. As will be noted when the new Rick Perry Ag Life Science Bldg come on line. Her selection and the process the BOR used reminds me of when the Supreme Court handed W the presidency. I hope her legecy will be better than his.

SECOND COMMENT: Final decision on A&M presidency came down to two issues: how could the regents dig out of the deep hole they had dug with the faculty and which one of the candidates was willing to kiss the Guv’s ring. Murano easily won that contest by offering to name the new Ag building for Guv. Perry. Of course, her key supporters on the regents were in cahoots on this idea. Biggest problem for the University and Aggie nation with this outcome is now the Perry gang is in charge at A&M at every level. Murano may listen to the faculty…only problem is that Perry will be on the other line. So much for shared governance.