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Will Julián Castro Be Hillary Clinton’s Running Mate?

War-gaming the pros and cons of the former mayor of San Antonio.

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Former Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton, left, talks with Housing and Urban Development Secretary (HUD) Julian Castro, right, after both spoke at an event hosted by the Center for American Progress (CAP) and the America Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees (AFSCME), Monday, March 23, 2015, in Washington.

The consensus winner of Tuesday’s Democratic presidential debate was Hillary Clinton, but the debate had barely ended when someone asked me the logical next question: what are the odds that Julián Castro, the former mayor of San Antonio and current Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, will be her running mate?

This is a question that Texas journalists have fielded at intermittent intervals since Castro, who is officially endorsing Clinton today, was first elected mayor. And it’s been a good question since 2014, when Castro stepped down as mayor of San Antonio to become Secretary of HUD. Since he was elected to his first two-year term in 2009, he would have run into the office’s term limits in 2015, and most mayors would see a cabinet appointment as a promotion. But there were several reasons for Castro, a careful politician who was clearly interested in running statewide as soon as 2018, to be cautious. Joining the cabinet meant joining the Obama administration, rather than merely making common cause with the president, a fellow Democrat. It also created an obvious parallel between himself and Henry Cisneros, a former mayor of San Antonio who served as Secretary of HUD under Bill Clinton and was widely considered a rising political star before becoming embroiled in scandal and stepping down. And Castro, who was an effective and widely well-regarded mayor, would probably have noticed the less notorious cautionary tale in Cisneros’ career: as Secretary of HUD, he had led an effort to promote homeownership among low-income families that was surely well-intended but nonetheless helped cause the housing crisis in 2008.

On the other hand, serving as HUD Secretary would give Castro federal government experience. There’s no rule against jumping from mayor to vice-president, but it’s never happened before.

And with many Americans proceeding on the assumption that Clinton will be the Democratic nominee, the question of whether Castro is going to be her running mate is relevant, especially to Texans. The best answer, though, depends on why you’re asking the question.

If you are asking for planning purposes: it’s possible, but the answer is not yet determined, or determinable: no one can say for sure, and it depends. The Clinton campaign is clearly taking a notable interest in Castro, and I don’t see anything in his background or record that would disqualify him. He seems young, but he’s in his early 40s, as is Marco Rubio. Republicans would like to cast him as inexperienced, but setting aside the fact that Donald Trump is still their frontrunner, it’s a stretch to argue that Castro is less qualified than Sarah Palin, who was John McCain’s running mate in 2008. It’s true that she was a governor rather than a mayor, but San Antonio has twice as many people as Alaska, and Castro held the job for twice as long. At the same time, there’s rarely a dispositive case for a specific vice-president. A presidential candidate typically chooses a running-mate who complements their candidacy, but Clinton can’t assess her optimal complement until she knows who she’s running against, and what her perceived weaknesses are.

If you are asking out of civic pride, a certain patriotic instinct that Texans should hold as many high offices as possible: I agree, Castro would be a great choice for vice-president and Clinton would be lucky to have him.

But if you’re asking out of general curiosity: it seems unlikely. I don’t see a reason for Clinton to rule out Castro, but I also don’t see how it suits her strategic purposes to choose him as a running mate. Texas is not a swing state right now. In 2014 Republicans carried the statewide elections by a roughly 20-point margin. Clinton can surely narrow that margin, but she can’t expect that having Castro on the ticket gives her a chance to carry its electoral votes, in the way that LBJ helped JFK carry the state. Nor can she count on Castro to humanize her in the way that Joe Biden has helped personalize the cerebral and high-minded Obama. If she’s in the market for that, she’d be better off running with Castro’s twin brother. Joaquin Castro, who was elected to Congress in 2012, would also be a better choice if Clinton wants a vice-president to act as a White House liaison to the legislative branch. And one last point, with the caveat that I personally find identity politics to be imprecise and reductive: if Clinton is the nominee, she’d be the first woman to lead a major-party ticket, and potentially the first woman to serve as president. That’s plenty of historicity.

And although the vice-presidency seems to have in irresistible allure for politicians, who all want to be president, I don’t think being Clinton’s vice-president would best suit Castro’s purposes either. His busy schedule at HUD suggests that he actually enjoys his work as much as his title, and the same was true when he was mayor of San Antonio. An appointment to serve as Secretary of Education would put Castro in position to make good use of his skills, and then to make good political use of his record. That’s assuming he does want to run statewide at some point, which I think is a reasonable assumption: there’s nothing wrong with being vice-president, but being governor of Texas may be the best job in American politics.

At the same time, I would expect Castro to be a key campaign surrogate for Clinton, and a high-profile candidate for the vice-presidency. Clinton/Castro 2016 may not suit either of their purposes, but the question itself certainly does.

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  • Rules of Blazon

    There is no way Hillary picks either Castro brother (or any Texan) to be her running mate. That is an inescapably plain reality.

    So, naturally, there’s plenty of media speculation about it, most of it playing up both the likelihood and the desirability of such a choice.

    And if Hillary actually made the choice, the very same media speculators would instantly pile on, accuse her of pandering and playing identity politics, and make unwarranted Sarah Palin comparisons.

    Both the brothers are accomplished and capable, but neither will be Hillary’s VP choice.

  • I’m betting the farm dems are going all out with “the war on women rhetoric, and she’ll pick Warren. The slogan, “its time for a women” will be used. Worked in ’08 with the low information voter and may work again.

    • Jed

      where is this farm? doesn’t matter, i’ll take that bet.

      • Indiana Pearl

        Was there a war on women theme in 2008?

        • Jed

          i think he means “it’s time for a woman president” in the way that ’08 eventually became “it’s time for a black president.”

          but there is no way the dems put two women on the same ticket, right, wrong, or otherwise. no way.

          so i’ll happily take JBB’s farm (though relatively less happily so if it sits in FB county).

          • You remind me of the entitled dem that won a million dollars and was pissed because he had to pay taxes.

          • Jed

            um, huh?

            when you give me your farm, i will gladly pay taxes on it.

            or are you backing out already?

          • have you won already? Typical entitled dem.

          • dave in texas

            If anybody wants some side action, I’ll bet that he weasels out of paying.

        • Walt Longmire

          Nope. But there was a war on heterosexuals — and still is.

          • Indiana Pearl

            They seem to be reproducing quite effectively – eating well too.

  • The “homestate advantage” is often discussed and essentially worthless. Palin, after all, was from Alaska, which is a deep-red state. Biden is from Delaware, a very blue state. Paul Ryan did not help Romney win Wisconsin. Going back, Kerry still lost North Carolina despite having Edwards on his ticket, and Cheney came from Wyoming, a state that was voting for Bush no matter who his VP pick was.

    So if we accept that it doesn’t actually appear that nominees select their VPs based on their home state, there’s really not much of a reason to declare Castro “unlikely,” except that ANY single name thrown out there is unlikely when measured against the field of other potential choices.

    I get that identity politics can be distasteful, but let’s put it out there: If Rubio is the GOP nominee (the likeliest bet at this early stage), nominating a young, charismatic Latino for her VP is far from the worst option Clinton has; it may in fact be one of the best.

    • Indiana Pearl

      It’s also important to consider that Cubans, while Spanish-speakers, are Carribean. Mexicans and others may not consider them “Latinos.”

      • Jed

        cuban americans vote, however.

        • Indiana Pearl

          Of course, but do Mexican-Americans identify with Cuban Republicans?

          • Jed

            doesn’t matter, they don’t vote.

          • Indiana Pearl

            That’s the idea behind a Castro VP nod.

          • Jed

            two different conversations.

            castro would be a defensible democrat choice (for any nominee, not just the entirely hypothetical clinton) because he might rally hispanic voters.

            it’s not a problem for rubio, however, that he would *not* motivate (nonCuban) hispanic voters in either position on the republican ticket, because they wouldn’t be part of his formula to win (keeping them away from the polls both constitutionally and otherwise is more likely the republican play).

          • Indiana Pearl

            Roughly twice as many Mexican Americans as Cuban Americans . . .

          • Jed

            that’s all? i would have thought the ratio higher than that.

            i think rubio will be VP on the republican ticket, not pres, and he would be a good fit with just about any of the contenders. maybe even with bush.

            on the dem side, i think the VP pick will be different depending on who the nominee is. i think castro is as likely as anyone as a choice for clinton. if it’s bernie, though, i would look at warren.

          • Indiana Pearl

            More Cuban Americans are foreign born (66%) than Mexican Americans (35%).

        • They do vote, but as 2012 showed us, they more and more tend to vote for Democrats; Rubio’s positions tend to be those of older Cuban-Americans, who no longer make up a majority.

          That said, understanding the difference between Cuban- and Mexican-Americans (and other Hispanics), I still think Castro would be a good choice to counteract whatever identity politics come into play with a Rubio candidacy.

    • Rules of Blazon

      So much of Hillary’s pitch–and her brand–is experience. “Ready on Day One.” That suggests she won’t be learning on the job, and neither will the key members of her Administration.

      I personally think either Castro could do the job of Vice President and do it well–but in politics, as you recognize, perception is so very important. If Hillary picks a Castro, the media narrative will be about her irresponsible, cavalier decision to put an inexperienced young buck a heartbeat away from the Presidency, and about her bypassing more qualified candidates in the interests of pandering to Latino voters.

      (And they will say that even if Rubio is the GOP nominee, because, as we have learned time and again, IOKIYAR. It always is.)

      Somewhat off topic, but there’s no hard evidence I see for your assertion that Rubio is the most likely GOP nominee. At this early stage (as you put it), he’s losing–by a lot. He had been trending up after Walker quit, but he can’t seem to break out of single digits. In the meantime, Trump continues to hold a significant lead.

      • Jed

        she said rubio is looking most likely? awesome. how many is that now?

        but you have to let go of trump. he doesn’t even want the job. if it ever looks like he might actually get it, he will exit the race.

        • Rules of Blazon

          It was Paul A. in the comments who said that about Rubio. But no, it would not surprise anyone to see an article before too long from the inimitable Ms. Grieder about Rubio’s magic calamari strategy or somesuch, even as he and the rest continue to struggle against Trump and the other two vanity candidates.

          I think you’re wrong about Trump not wanting the job. He looks like a clown to me, too, but have you taken the time to talk to anyone who supports him? They view him and his candidacy very differently–and he knows that. Trump filled the AAC when he came to Dallas recently–no small feat–reminding me of Obama in ’08.

          I can’t imagine what takes place in Trump’s mind–not sure I even want to try. But I really think he’s taking his candidacy as seriously as his supporters are. He’s in it to win it, make no mistake.

      • I was the one who said Rubio is most likely; I say that assuming the Republican voters will wake up and realize that Trump, Carson, Fiorina and Cruz are tickets to a 45-state defeat and will eventually coalesce around the most conservative “establishment” candidate they can, which is Rubio (who would still, by the way, be the most conservative Republican nominee since Goldwater). But every day that goes by seems to prove me a little bit more wrong in that assumption. I guess we’ll see.

        As Erica wrote in the op, exactly how is selecting Castro “irresponsible,” given his experience as mayor of the nation’s seventh-largest city and a Cabinet secretary overseeing 9,000 employees? If Rubio can run for president after less than one term in Congress, I don’t see how Castro’s experience is that much of a liability. Palin wasn’t a liability to McCain because of her lack of experience; it was because she was clearly unprepared for the job, something I doubt Castro would be.

        • Rules of Blazon

          I agree that Castro would be a fine pick. I’m saying the media would trash Hillary for it as cynical and cavalier (at the same time they give Rubio–assuming he is the GOP nominee–a free pass).

          Is that fair? Of course not. But it is what it is, and Hillary won’t make such an avoidable unforced error by creating a needless distraction.

          And since this begs the question of who she will choose, I think she’ll do what Obama did. Obama did not pick Biden, as Erica said, to “humanize” himself–he picked Biden, known in ’08 not as a wacky character but as an elder statesman, to project competence, and with an eye toward how his administration would function.

          Remember, Hillary is going to be the next President, and she is determined to succeed in the role as a policymaker. She’ll need to get things done. With a closely-divided Senate, wouldn’t someone like DIck Durbin come in handy as part of your administration? (Or, if you think there must be some geography-based electoral advantage baked into the pick, how about Sherrod Brown?)

          • Jed

            we can agree to disagree whether biden was about “competence” or just about race and age.

            but one difference between biden and the picks you suggest this time is that biden was at least a somewhat familiar name to voters. i think the two guys you just mentioned have pretty limited name recognition and appeal. she already has the donors and the media, she needs voters. i think she will choose a more familiar face.

          • Rules of Blazon

            Tom Daschle?

        • dave in texas

          I say that assuming the Republican voters will wake up and realize that Trump, Carson, Fiorina and Cruz are tickets to a 45-state defeat…

          Assumes facts not in evidence, your honor.

          I sometimes wonder if a 45(or more)-state defeat isn’t what will eventually be necessary for the GOP to overcome the prion disease that’s eating away the party’s brain. The last two decisive electoral beatings they’ve sustained only seem to have made them want to double down and lurch even further to the right in some kind of search for the “One True Conservative.”

  • Indiana Pearl

    Texas is not the focus in a presidential election for Democrats. That’s a lost cause in the near term. Castro’s Texas roots are irrelevant.

    OTOH, GOTV strategies to attract women and Latinos is very much on the minds of the Clinton campaign (hypothesizing on my part). In 2008 Evan Bayh, Milquetoast Extraordinaire, was hovering in the background hoping to get the nod. That was one reason I gave money to Obama. Eight years of a Ken doll was enough for me.

  • Indiana Pearl
  • Jed

    you don’t pick castro because it will help you win texas (!),

    you pick him because you think he will mobilize the notoriously-low-participation-Hispanic-voter.

    or if you don’t (think he can do that), you don’t (pick him).

  • Robbins Mitchell

    Does Rodham know Castro’s mother is a professional beaner (frijolera professionale)?

  • Kennedy picked Johnson because he knew Johnson would “deliver” Texas.

    Can Castro “deliver” Texas? Is the dem machine still a force in Texas politics?

    Can the machine crank out fraudulent votes as needed?

    “The Feds have gotten involved in a seriously wide-spread investigation of “pay to vote” there and it follows a playbook we’ve seen before. But since it involves a more cross-cultural environment, it’s been given a new name. Let us introduce you to the Politqueras.”


    • space2k

      Is it 1960 again? Castro can “deliver” 21% of Colorado, 23% of Florida, 15% of Nevada, etc.

  • Megan’s interview of Charles Koch is a must see.

    Excerpts from the interview.

    Kelly, “why do you support the republicans over democrats?”

    Koch, “the democrats are taking us over the cliff at 100 miles per hour and republicans are taking us over the cliff at only 70 mph.”


    “The democrats say most voters are stupid and cannot run their lives so they must do it for them. William Easterly calls this executive tyranny.”

    Most liberals are well intentioned pedants who think they are experts.

    “In his provocative “The Tyranny of Experts,” he lays out a passionate, if fitful, argument against the conventional approach to economic development. In the realm of benevolent intervention, the standing rule has always been that you can walk into a poor country and, with enough experts, supplies and bureaucratic correctives, make it rich and alleviate the woes of poverty. But according to Easterly, this is a fatuous idea that has sparked more havoc than good.”


    I see that here everyday where a few “experts” think they have all the answers.

  • Megyn’s interview of Charles Koch is a must see. He is a wise man with character compared to an Al Gore or a Ted Kennedy.

    Excerpts from the interview.

    Kelly, “why do you support the republicans over democrats?”

    Koch, “republicans are taking to the edge of the cliff at 70 mph and the democrats are taking us at 100 miles per hour.”


    “The democrats say most Americans are evil or stupid and cannot run their lives so they must do it for them. Hayek calls this the fatal conceit or William Easterly calls this executive tyranny.”


    I see that here everyday where a few “experts” think they have all the answers.

  • Is the democrat party in complete disarray?

    “R.T. Rybak, the former mayor of Minneapolis and a vice chairman of the Democratic National Committee, on Thursday accused the party’s leader, Representative Debbie Wasserman Schultz, of making “flat-out not true” statements about another top party officer, questioned her political skills and said he had “serious questions” about her suitability for the job.”


    One of the democrat presidential candidates said “the debate was rigged.”
    Another democrat official, a vice chairman accuses the Chair of lying and being incompetent.

    I’d say it is business as usual for dems the party of deceit.

  • All is not lost….scientist have found a cure for Christianity.

    “: “Scientists claim they can change your belief on immigrants and God — with MAGNETS.””


    yes you can fool some of the people all the time.

  • Indiana Pearl

    “Who loves ya’?” Not the Koch-heads . . .


  • Who caused the crash in ’08? Welp….lets see

    Lawrence Summers, of course you remember Larry. Not the one with the 3 stooges but close.

    “The president of Harvard University has provoked a furor by arguing that men outperform women in maths and sciences because of biological difference, and discrimination is no longer a career barrier for female academics.
    Lawrence Summers, a career economist who served as treasury secretary under President Clinton, has a reputation for outspokenness. His tenure at Harvard has been marked by clashes with African-American staff and leftwing intellectuals, and complaints about a fall in the hiring of women.”

    Summers was fired by Harvard and of course rehired by President Obama.

    You asked what does that have to do with the crash in ’08?

    “In The Warning, veteran FRONTLINE producer Michael Kirk unearths the hidden history of the nation’s worst financial crisis since the Great Depression. At the center of it all he finds Brooksley Born, who speaks for the first time on television about her failed campaign to regulate the secretive, multitrillion-dollar derivatives market whose crash helped trigger the financial collapse in the fall of 2008.

    “I didn’t know Brooksley Born,” says former SEC Chairman Arthur Levitt, a member of President Clinton’s powerful Working Group on Financial Markets. “I was told that she was irascible, difficult, stubborn, unreasonable.” Levitt explains how the other principals of the Working Group — former Fed Chairman Alan Greenspan and former Treasury Secretary Robert Rubin — convinced him that Born’s attempt to regulate the risky derivatives market could lead to financial turmoil, a conclusion he now believes was “clearly a mistake.”

    Born’s battle behind closed doors was epic, Kirk finds. The members of the President’s Working Group vehemently opposed regulation — especially when proposed by a Washington outsider like Born.

    “I walk into Brooksley’s office one day; the blood has drained from her face,” says Michael Greenberger, a former top official at the CFTC who worked closely with Born. “She’s hanging up the telephone; she says to me: ‘That was [former Assistant Treasury Secretary] Larry Summers. He says, “You’re going to cause the worst financial crisis since the end of World War II.”… [He says he has] 13 bankers in his office who informed him of this. Stop, right away. No more.'”

    Greenspan, Rubin and Summers ultimately prevailed on Congress to stop Born and limit future regulation of derivatives. “Born faced a formidable struggle pushing for regulation at a time when the stock market was booming,” Kirk says. “Alan Greenspan was the maestro, and both parties in Washington were united in a belief that the markets would take care of themselves.”

    Yep…Clinton’s powerful Working Group on Financial Markets made up of Summers, Greenspan Rubin et al disbanded Born’s department that had oversight on the risky derivative market.

    Yep Summers told Born don’t worry your pretty little haid about this. Let the men handle it.

    • Indiana Pearl


      Another LENGTHY edition of the Booksie Propaganda Newsletter . . .

      TM should start charging you for bandwidth usage,

      • Indiana Pearl

        And you still are silent about whether you accept SS and Medicare .

    • Indiana Pearl

      You forgot Republicans Greenspan and Bernanke. Bernanke is leaving the GOP.

  • Charles Koch is a wise man

    “From an early age, his father instilled in him the value of hard work and persistence. “I should regret very much to have you miss the glorious feeling of accomplishment,” the younger Koch recalls his father telling him. “Remember that often adversity is a blessing in disguise and is certainly the greatest character builder.”
    Read more at: http://www.nationalreview.com/article/425596/charles-koch-creating-value

    Not allowing others to achieve and reach their full potential by giving them entitlements is a travesty.

    • Indiana Pearl

      Fred Koch got rich in Stalin’s Soviet Union, then came back to the U.S. to found the John Birch Society.

      • “Armand Hammer (May 21, 1898[2] – December 10, 1990) was an American business manager and owner, most closely associated with Occidental Petroleum, a company he ran from 1957[3] until his death, though he was known as well for his art collection, his philanthropy, and for his close ties to the Soviet Union.”

        “If there is one oil company that Gore might ask “our children and grandchildren” to forgive, it is Occidental Petroleum. The company has been a steady supplier of campaign funds to Gore and to the Democratic Party, though its relationship with Gore goes far deeper. Armand Hammer, who built Occidental Petroleum into the behemoth it is today and who’s been described as “the Godfather of American corporate corruption,” liked to say that he had Gore’s father, Sen. Albert Gore, Sr., “in my back pocket.” When the elder Gore left the Senate in 1970, Hammer gave him a $500,000-a-year job as the chairman of Island Coal Creek Co., an Occidental subsidiary, and a seat on Occidental’s board of directors. By 1992, Gore owned Occidental stock valued at $680,000.”

        If the Gore’s can do it I want the Kochs to be able to do the same.


        • Indiana Pearl

          Who gives a rat’s hind quarters what YOU want?

          You are nuts and no one with an IQ above that of a sea slug attends to you.

        • Indiana Pearl

          This was lifted from Wikipedia, not publicintegrity. You cut and paste vast tracts from others without attribution. I call “PHONY” once again.

          Hillbillies like you fail to comprehend how fascism terrified American Jews like Hammer. “Have you no shame, sir?”

        • John Johnson

          Hammer and the Koch’s are out of the same mold. Mega Corps and billionaires are neither Repub or Dem…they take control of whichever mule feels best underneath them.

    • John Johnson

      I am convinced that no move is taken by any mega U.S. corporation, or by the privately held mega businesses, that are in any way altruistic in nature. Even those that might be considered such are right off’s and promotional activities. It is all about the dollar. The Koch’s and Big Oil are using millions of their billions to covertly hire shills with impressive credentials, and under impressive company or association names, to broadcast propaganda. The Keystone pipeline, the exportation of our oil and gas, EPA regs, Wall Street regs, Glass-Steagall reinstatement…you name it, they are using their money to spread lies ( tough word, but it fits) and buy votes. We commonbreds don’t stand a chance.

      • And you’re thinking a politician is going to help you?

        “”I don’t think politicians are going to reverse the trajectory of this country. I think it’s going to depend on the American people understanding what is fair and what makes their lives better,” Koch said. “I want the power to go back to people making decisions over their own lives, rather than some experts making it.”


        Do you now understand why the democrats are so threatened by Charles Koch? He’s a good strong conservative with a strong work ethic and principles.

        • Indiana Pearl

          “Fox News”? MEGO.

      • Indiana Pearl

        Stop with the “commonbreds” stuff. Have you ever heard of “the power of collective action”?

        You are on the right. I am on the left. Alliances can make change. Get on board!

        • John Johnson

          You are a commonbred. I am a commonbred. We don’t iniitiate change. That has to come from someone with stroke. Someone with money who is well known and a consensus maker. The last major reform which addressed the same perils the middle class is facing today was initiated by Teddy Roosevelt. Until another one of him appears, we are going to lose out to Big Money and special interests. That’s the way it is; that’s the way it works.

          • Indiana Pearl

            You have the power to make change, but have given up. I have not and never will.

          • Indiana Pearl

            As I have told you before, JJ, I’m a high-class broad . . .

          • Jed

            the rules have changed. teddy roosevelt would never sniff the white house now.

            it will have to come from the people.

            it may not be soon, and it may not be pretty.

          • John Johnson

            You are right on the mark with your observation. There will be insurrection at some point when we commonbreds wake up naked and sore, and figure out what is causing it.

          • Jed

            in the meantime, vote bernie.

    • Indiana Pearl

      Booksie still fails to reveal that he accepts SS and Medicare. Slamming “entitlements” with the right hand, putting his chubby paw put on the left for his share.

      I call ” PHONY”!

    • Indiana Pearl

      I guess you’ll never achieve your full potential . . . snout in the trough up to your ears!

  • Ogie Wilson

    Boring, especially compared to your potty mouthed tweets.

  • Charles Koch calls out the professional politicians and dems are threatened…

    “I don’t think politicians are going to reverse the trajectory of this country. I think it’s going to depend on the American people understanding what is fair and what makes their lives better,” Koch said. “I want the power to go back to people making decisions over their own lives, rather than some experts making it.”


    • Indiana Pearl

      The Kochs want your blood, sweat, tears, and deep fried Twinkies. Booksie fears the loss of Twinkies . . .

  • Must be gin time again…

    • Indiana Pearl

      Deep fried Twinkies, Fatso?

      • Indiana Pearl

        You still haven’t admitted you love your SS and Medicare.

  • Dave Francis

    Revised information:

    Never thought I would ever
    hear or read that illegal aliens would get special preferences in being granted
    welfare services over Senior Citizens, disabled veterans and federal retirees? Elderly
    Americans didn’t precisely welcome
    Thursday’s announcement that millions of senior citizens won’t receive an
    increase in their Social Security checks next year, yet millions of illegal
    aliens who have poured through our open borders are accepted and those with
    children can collect cash payments for each of their progeny and associated
    welfare programs; but our Seniors are left out in the cold, neglected, along
    with our Veterans.

    no wonder handicapped Veterans must rely on charities and Senior Citizens can
    hardly survive on what the US government
    extends to them. This is amazingly sick when our retirees paid into the system
    all their lives, but the hordes of foreign national newcomers never paid one
    cent into Social Security and can collect large sums of money for each child as
    well as their adults working under the table. Those who do pay taxes are at the
    poverty end of the scale and receive it all back, while the children get
    reimbursements under child tax credits. Much of it fraudulent, but the
    government keeps paying. Its not to any lesser degree but with the illegal
    welfare and job seekers come over with criminals, who have killed innocent
    Americans with huge numbers cramming into our prisons. The crazy idiot governor
    Brown of California has rewarded illegal
    aliens with healthcare, citizen only entitlements and washed away the laws that
    we as Americans live by? The Liberal mainstream press discourager’s any honest commentary and uses
    flimsy excuses not to print, where lies convoluted
    with facts rhetoric that emanates from there headlines.

    Seniors should supply their vote for Donald Trump as there will be no pandering
    to illegal aliens, when he becomes President. They will be on fast repatriation
    out of the country and the massive amounts of money will go back to THE PEOPLE.
    Trumps allegiance is to the American people, not to corporate or industrial
    donors, which is blood money fed by lobbyists to the likes of the Clintons,
    Bush’s or the Sanders that has contaminated our Republic; remember Trump is
    paying his own way and the wealthy donors cannot touch him in anyway. Trump has
    received donations, but its nothing like the massive money pouring into both
    the career politicians campaigns.

    for seniors Citizens say years of small increases or no increase are eroding
    the buying power of benefits, regardless of the official inflation numbers. In
    a letter to members of Congress, the executive vice president of AARP argues
    that the inflation index reflects the spending patterns of workers — who tend
    to be younger and healthier than most people on Social Security. Nancy LeaMond
    writes, “Social Security recipients spend more of their monthly budget on
    health care, food and housing than do younger workers.” Yet families of
    illegal aliens can collect in California $600.00
    dollars for every offspring they birth, which is disgusting and certainly not
    what the framers of our nation had established in the US Constitution. The
    estimate of between $$100 billion and $$200 Billion dollars is drying up the
    reservoirs of federal, state and local coffers to serve foreigners. As far
    where I am concerned Americans are receiving the same old propaganda from both
    sides, when nothing will get done. There is now doubt in my mind that a
    entrepreneur and building mogul will create jobs more than American workers
    have seen since the time of Bill Clinton, minus Hillary. If Madam Hillary received no punishment for a
    lax treasonous acts concerning her email server, which if the FBI are
    investigating currently, yet others who in government are prosecuted for far less,
    this shows there is no accountability to the well-heeled, the cronyism within
    Washington and for the professional elites in the Democrat ranks?

    Along with President Barack
    Obama Liberal behavior and Socialist abilities
    comes an inopportune eagerness to devastate the quality of life for mega-millions
    of American families, Seniors and now the most helpless victims of Obamas
    illegal alien invasion. By advancing the unlimited immigration policies
    advocated by the Democratic morons and to some extent GOP Professional class
    and the Left Party’s Special Interest paymasters. That’s why grassroots ethical
    limited government constitutional Conservatives and Tea Party voters must call
    their Representative and demand they resist the election of Hlllary Clinton,
    Jeb Bush and the extreme Leftist Bernie Sanders as each have made statements
    that illegal immigrants/ migrants will be granted a path to citizenship.

    Not just Conservatives
    should recognize that the Leftists are bleeding America dry by their Tax and Spend Ideology,
    but Democrats and even Independents should be aware that America is on the wrong track. Democratic
    Senior Citizens need to rethink their voting power to stop illegal aliens
    collecting money on their years of work. Doesn’t matter if your skin is black,
    brown or brown, as with the Liberal philosophy we are in the same sinking ship.
    American Latino’s, Hispanics, American Indian, European Caucasian, Asian or
    other ethnicity, you need to vote for the peoples candidate–Donald Trump.

    Trumps wall and MANDATORY
    E-VERIFY will stop the lose of American jobs for all citizens and Legal
    Immigrants. A tracking system for visa Overstays, so they cannot enter our
    country and just disappear. No more Optional E-verify for the business and
    corporate owners and a need for a National ID card, so illegal aliens cannot
    steel our elections, specifically the Presidential election. This is the reason
    radical Liberals are fighting this identification in the courts, so they can
    employ illegal immigrants to vote.

    Donald Trump is
    exactly what America needs, who will begin
    the repatriation of illegal squatters in the United States. Americans must understand
    what presidential candidates mean when they say “anchor babies” and shows where
    candidates stand on birthright citizenship by directing viewers to USAnchorBabies.org
    where they can see and share the ad, sign the petition, and learn all
    candidates’ positions.

    Relevant points from the ad:

    300,000 babies are born to illegal
    immigrants each year in the U.S.

    Pew Hispanic Research estimates that 4,000,000
    people in the U.S. today were born
    here to illegal immigrants

    Under current policy interpretation, the
    baby gets full U.S. citizenship and
    taxpayer funded benefits

    The parents and their extended families
    then become eligible for citizenship and benefits, as well.

    Presidential candidates and the media can’t stop talking about anchor babies
    and birthright citizenship. CAPS Californians
    for Population Stabilization is the first national organization during this
    election cycle to lead the charge to educate the public about this
    antiquated and harmful policy through a national TV campaign.

    about corruption at Judicial Watch and check out the non commercial cable news
    at One American News Network.

    this information around.

    • Indiana Pearl
      • WUSRPH

        Just thought I would drop by to see what was going on.

        Two observations….it is becoming more the Troll blog every day….one quarter of all entries today are his.

        Please do not use the word “reality” (even “alternative reality”) around the troll. It gives him hives.

        Bye Now….I’ll drop by again next week.

        • John Johnson

          “People who hold grudges are allowing someone to live in their head rent free.”

        • Indiana Pearl

          Remember the Weathermen and the SDS? “Blow it up!” and “Shut it down!”

          • WUSRPH

            A bunch of them wound up blowing themselves apart….others went to prison and some are still hiding…not a good strategy.

          • Indiana Pearl

            As I said some months ago, many German Jews could not believe what the country of Bach and Beethoven could sink so low.

      • John Johnson

        I don’t care how many pieces you offer up regarding illegals paying their way, you are not going to get me to believe it. Common sense and a little deductive reasoning should place you in the same position. First of all, how does one determine where illegals are working and what they are paying in taxes? The census that is sent out that most illegals don’t fill out? Employee records that show their employees to be undocumented? How? It’s a joke. No economic impact study I have seen addresses the amount of earned income that is shipped out of the U.S. and removed from our system. None address cash payments for services rendered. Illegals do not pay their way. Quit citing skewed reports that suggest they do. It seems most people will believe anything in print that supports their argument, no matter who is offering it up or questioning the validity.

        • WUSRPH

          Reverse your question: If all the factors you cite are valid (questionable) so that it is impossible to know how much illegals contribute to the system….how are the studies that show their cost any better?

          • John Johnson

            It’s called deductive reasoning. Who are you? There was another guy with your handle who used to post here, but he got his feelings hurt and ran off. Know him?

          • Indiana Pearl

            Mr. W. took a principled stand on Booksie’s execrable posts. Stop the “he man” stuff.

          • John Johnson

            Oh, no…I have no respect for sissies, and reserve the right to express same every chance I get.

          • Indiana Pearl

            What’s a “sissy”? Sounds like you’ve been watching too many John Wayne movies.

    • Good points Dave but few here are grounded in facts…

      “In 2010, the average unlawful immigrant household received around $24,721 in government benefits and services while paying some $10,334 in taxes. This generated an average annual fiscal deficit (benefits received minus taxes paid) of around $14,387 per household. This cost had to be borne by U.S. taxpayers. Amnesty would provide unlawful households with access to over 80 means-tested welfare programs, Obamacare, Social Security, and Medicare. The fiscal deficit for each household would soar.”


      the average illegal pays for less than half of what they receive. But dems say giving them our money isn’t vote buying.

      Of course most dems will say there is no voter fraud as their Texas Chair stalls…

      “Houston attorney Jerad Najvar (left) got a South Texas election voided with proof of voter fraud. But appeals by the state Democratic Party chairman have prevented a new vote.”


      Dems simply do not understand facts.

  • As men we’re faced with choices everyday this one isn’t even close…
    Sarah or Hill…for prez of course.

  • Have men been banned from the democrat primaries?

    “First, two vice-chairs charged this week that DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman-Schultz has been acting autocratic and not consulting other party leaders about the skimpy presidential debate schedule. While the chair denies this, word is leaking out that she has issued the moral equivalent of a fatwa about having only six debates and is seen as stacking the deck for Mrs. Clinton.

    Second, even though Mrs. Clinton’s debate performance seemed to suggest that there was little room for Vice President Joe Biden to enter the race, it is appearing more and more like that is exactly what he might do. In response to that potential move, the ever-feisty California Senator Barbara Boxer has warned Mr. Biden to not do it and endorse Mrs. Clinton –or face the wrath of the women Democrats.”


    Po’ Joe he don’t know…

  • Indiana Pearl

    Saturday’s edition of the Booksie Oligarch Lovers Right Wing Propaganda Sheet . . .

    Who pays you, Booksie? MQS?

  • Vik Verma

    I thought that Julian Castro would have been termed out in 2017. San Antonio term limits are 4 two-year terms

  • Indiana Pearl
  • Cassandra Atticum

    Is there an assumption she will be the nominee?

  • Walt Longmire

    I hope not. I want to vote for Castro, but I will not, cannot vote for loser Hillary. The Clinton Dynasty has passed, and she is a loser grandma of a person. Goodbye, Hillary. Don’t do it, Castro.

    • Jed

      well that makes a lot of sense.

    • Indiana Pearl

      Your photo indicates you’re a foolish grandpa kind of person with a stupid cowboy hat. Why would anyone vote for you?

      • Walt Longmire

        Intolerant, name-caller, prejudiced. Gee, you must be homosexual, atheistic, or a woman. The pinnacle would be to be all three. Tell us, O wise one, which is it?

  • Jackel

    Why not–he wasn’t that good of a mayor and she wasn’t that good of a sec of state. So we would again have some not very good people in office.There must be some one out there R or D that would make a good pres. Who are they?

  • Paul LeBon

    I kept waiting for mention of the Hispanic vote. Ever heard of it?