Remember Albuquerque. The Senate Democrats found themselves stuck in New Mexico without an exit strategy. The situation is similar to congressional redistricting in that the governor holds the cards. He can call a special session on any subject and open the call to Voter I.D. Except that the House Democrats’ position is worse. In 2003, they were fighting against a power play by Tom DeLay, one of the most villainous figures in the country. DeLay and Perry were pushing an unprecedented midcensus congressional redistricting plan. Voter I.D. is a very different matter. The UT poll in Februrary-March found that Texans favored the requirement of a photo I.D. by 69% to 18%. Polls I have seen from states in the upper Midwest, where illegal immigration is not a problem, show support in the 80%+ range. If they walk on this issue, they will do harm to their party. It makes no sense to go nuclear over an issue on which public opinion is 70% against you. And that number will climb if the D’s walk.