The Republican firm is based in Washington, D.C., with offices in Sacramento, Oklahoma City, and Austin. The poll was conducted for GOPAC Texas. Quoting from the firm’s release: Wilson Research Strategies conducted a research study of likely voters throughout the state of Texas on behalf of GOPAC-TX. Respondents were contacted by phone via a live telephone operator interview August 29-31, 2010. The study has a sample size of n=1001 Likely Voters. The margin of error is equal to ±3.1% in 95 out of 100 cases. The sample was stratified to represent the district electorate based on race, age, gender, partisan identification, and geographic distribution. The findings: Perry 50% White 38% Undecided 11% Other 1% Perry is right where he has been for the past several polls. White has slipped below 40%. Other findings: Perry name ID: 98% (no number given for White) Perry favorable/unfavorable: Favorable 50% Unfavorable 40% (no number given for White) Conclusions: Rick Perry is in a strong position to win a third term in November. He not only has the Republican political environment on his side but has a net-positive image and a solid lead against the popular mayor of the state’s largest city. I find little to argue with here. White is flying into a gale-force Republican headwind. Perry’s unfavorable rating is lower than it has been in other polls, but the symmetry between his percentage of the vote and his favorability ranking is impressive. The only thing I have seen in any poll that hold out any hope at all for White is that in the crosstabs of the latest Rasmussen poll he was tied with Perry among women voters at 44%. Wilson did not provide crosstabs. * * * * Some crosstabs from the August Rasmussen poll: Gender Male: Perry 55, White 38 Female: Perry 44, White 44 Age 18-29 Perry 29% White 65% 30-39 Perry 53% White 41% 40-49 Perry 60% White 30% 50-64 Perry 46% White 42%