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Art |
July 31, 1982

The Elegiac Image

Photographer George Krause draws the viewer into a twilight world where jocks, saints, and nudes seem almost mystical.

Art |
January 1, 1982

Miss Van Buren Comes To Texas

An evocative American portrait is one of 75 masterpieces from the Phillips Collection now on display in Dallas. A photographic exhibit in Austin on family life covered just about everything but the family.

Art |
July 31, 1981


Artists and art organizations are getting cut off from the federal dole - and maybe that’s not such a bad thing.

Art |
April 1, 1981

Little Big Museum

While other U.S. museums sought Rembrandts and Cészannes, Fort Worth’s maverick Amon Carter Museum collected an astound assortment of paintings and photographs of the American West.

Art |
September 30, 1980


Leon Box is a retarded artist whose work underscores the beauty and absurdity of a world he has seen very little of.

Art |
February 1, 1980

Ramblin’ Rose

Eminent art critic Barbara Rose has assembled an exhibit of paintings of the eighties. Oh, yeah? Where did she get them?…

Art |
December 1, 1979

The Thin Man

Albert Giacometti’s sculptured figures, now at the Dallas Museum of Fine Art, are tall, emaciated, uncomprehending—and breathtaking.

Feature |
September 30, 1977

What’s Red, White, and Blue . . . And Orange All Over?

The Orange Show’s 75-year-old creator, Jeff McKissack, still goes dancing and is sure he will live to be a hundred. Never heard of the Orange Show? Then you’ve missed a razzle-dazzle piece of American folk art—an amusement park/sideshow that looks like a topless castle designed by a…

Art |
March 31, 1975

Three for the Show

Fort Worth’s art museums are a bigger attraction than the stockyards and, what’s more, most art doesn’t smell.