BBQ News: 06/07 – 06/13

Jun 13, 2013 By Daniel Vaughn

– Making the most recent Texas Monthly Top 50 BBQ joint list has been big local news for a few barbecue joint across Texas. Among those is Fargo’s in Bryan, The Granary and Two Bros. BBQ Market in San Antonio, Hatfield’s in Rockport, Hays…

Barbecue Editor Featured Down Under

Jun 10, 2013 By andrea valdez

Our barbecue editor was recently interviewed by Sunrise, Australia’s self-described “number one breakfast show.” The hosts ask him about Texas-style barbecue (and the difference between an Aussie sear and our preferred smoking method), if he is “the Simon Cowell of the brisket,” and his favorite places in Texas. Watch the…

BBQ News: 5/31 – 6/06

Jun 6, 2013 By Daniel Vaughn

– A look back at the life of Calvin “Boots” Payne, the founder of Cousin’s Bar-B-Q, who passed away last week. – Guns and Roses played a show in Dallas and took the opportunity to stop by Pecan Lodge and help make some sausage.

Best Letter to the Barbecue Editor Thus Far

Jun 3, 2013 By Daniel Vaughn

Yesterday, we received an impassioned letter to the Barbecue Editor concerning The 50 Best BBQ Joints list. Here it is in full: I’ve just reviewed your Top 50 Best Barbecue Joints issue and it’s a total joke! How can you include _______ but not __________? And…

2013 Top 50 BBQ Joint Closes

Jun 3, 2013 By Daniel Vaughn

The phone rang. “Mr. Vaughn, this is the Parker County Sheriff’s office.” There wasn’t actually an officer at the other end of the line. It was Big Jim McLennan calling, the pitmaster at Hashknife on the Chisholm in Peadenville, Texas. He has always been good at making jokes, but…

BBQ News: 5/23 – 5/30

May 30, 2013 By Daniel Vaughn

–A deal was announced yesterday that “would be the biggest takeover of an American company by a Chinese concern.” That deal was for the Shuanghui Group to purchase Virginia based Smithfield Foods which is the largest pork processor in the world. -Tune in to…

Recap: Daniel Vaughn at Austin’s BookPeople

May 29, 2013 By Texas Monthly

As if defending the TMBBQ Top 50 weren’t enough, Texas Monthly Barbecue Editor Daniel Vaughn is also in the middle of his book tour for The Prophets of Smoked Meat, which brought him last week to the city he now says is “the capital of Texas BBQ.” That’s…

Restaurant Impossible: Bryan’s Smokehouse

May 28, 2013 By Daniel Vaughn

Robert Irvine is the host of Restaurant Impossible on the Food Network. He travels around the country to help bring failing restaurants out of the doldrums. In March he brought his crew and $10,000 to Lufkin. Lynn Bryan, the owner of Bryan’s Smokehouse was in desperate need of…

Four Reasons NYC Can’t Claim BBQ Capital Status

May 24, 2013 By Daniel Vaughn

A month ago I wrote a friendly rebuttal to Robert Sietsema, the (former) Village Voice food critic who wrote an inflammatory piece back in March arguing that New York City was the country’s newest barbecue capital. I pointed out that Sietsema was simply a misguided…

In Praise of “Old” Barbecue

May 23, 2013 By Daniel Vaughn

Traditional barbecue is having a moment, not just in Texas but around the country. So it’s natural to wonder when the backlash might come. Though it may be overdoing it to call Josh Ozersky’s story in the Wall Street Journal, “The New Barbecue,” a call to arms, he does…