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October 24, 2016

TMBBQ 2017 Top 50 Nominations

This coming Sunday, we’ll host the TMBBQ Festival in Austin (tickets are available here), where the best of Texas barbecue comes to serve as much barbecue as you can eat. Every barbecue joint in attendance was featured in our Texas Monthly Top 50 list (plus a few newcomers),

October 20, 2016

BBQ News: 10/14 – 10/20

– The Dallas Observer talked with Travis and Emma Heim, of Fort Worth’s Heim Barbecue, about the challenges of running their own barbecue joint.– The Star Telegram profiled the owners of Big D BBQ in Mansfield.– The Pitmaster Picnic, benefitting Café Momentum, was a

October 13, 2016

BBQ News: 10/07 – 10/13

– Apparently, Arby’s thinks smoking a brisket is pretty easy. Then again, they just have to warm it up in the microwave: – J C Reid asks if the character of a pitmaster matters when choosing which barbecue joints to visit.– M-Train BBQ has opened in the

October 12, 2016

Hacking Wood Cooked BBQ in Houston

There was some empty talk last year about Austin banning wood-cooked barbecue. The proposal went up in, ahem, smoke, and disappointed salesman for expensive “smoke scrubbers” were forced to turn their attention to other cities. The episode reminded us how much we cherish the traditional cooking methods of Texas barbecue

October 6, 2016

M-Train BBQ Takes Over John Mueller Lot

There’s some life at John Mueller’s old lot at 6th and Pedernales in Austin. M-Train BBQ opened quietly last Friday to “test the waters,” as owner Mikey Perez puts it. A new food truck and a new trailer-mounted, custom-built smoker now sit in the lot behind Kellee’s Place

October 6, 2016

BBQ News: 09/30 – 10/06

– Behold the Bubba tater: Not for purists: @jcreidtx on that guilty bbq pleasure, the loaded baked potato via @HoustonChron — Alison Cook (@alisoncook) October 2, 2016 – Aaron Franklin on his parents’s short-lived foray into barbecue: “It took them about two years

September 29, 2016

BBQ News: 09/23 – 09/29

– Barbecue, a film from Australia-based Urtext Films, is set to release next year. Matthew Salleh and Rose Tucker traveled across the globe to film different barbecue traditions: SAFC supported doco, Barbecue, to be released in 2017, examines the bonds people forge over meat and fire.

September 22, 2016

BBQ News: 09/16 – 09/22

– Tootsie Tomanetz of Snow’s BBQ has been cooking barbecue for 50 years, and at 81, she has no plans to stop.– Based on the BBQ reference alone, I’ve gotta vote Hogzillas: Here are the nickname finalists for the new minor league team in Kinston.

September 15, 2016

BBQ News: 09/09 – 09/15

– How to roast a whole cow: This is what it’s like to roast a 1,000-pound cow: — MUNCHIES (@munchies) September 15, 2016 – Smith “Smitty” McArthur of Smitty’s BBQ in Brownwood passed away. The Brownwood Examiner penned this obituary. – Parade

September 8, 2016

BBQ News: 09/02 – 09/08

– Tickets to the Texas Monthly BBQ Festival go on sale at 10:00am today.– Meat Fight has announced its chef competitors for the event later this year. Tickets go on sale on 10/04.– Pig Stand #41 is likely to be demolished: New owner

September 1, 2016

BBQ News: 08/26 – 09/01

– Texas Tech study shows that antibiotic-resistant bacteria from cattle feedlots can be spread by the Panhandle winds.– The most important meal: Breakfast taco perfection from @Valstexmexbbq — Eater Austin (@EaterAustin) August 30, 2016 – USA Today scoured the country

August 25, 2016

BBQ News: 08/19 – 08/25

– Operation BBQ Relief is doing some amazing work in the flood-affected areas of Louisiana. Will Cleaver provided this update from their efforts. As of Tuesday, they had served over 180,000 meals. They need your donations.– John Mueller Meat Co. in Austin seized for non-payment of taxes:

August 22, 2016

Evan LeRoy Leaving Freedmen’s Bar

Talented pitmaster Evan LeRoy has left his position at Freedmen’s Bar in Austin. He’s planning a place of his own, but details are still vague. LeRoy told me over the phone that he hoped to have something open in the Austin area within

August 18, 2016

BBQ News: 08/05 – 08/18

– BBQ guru Steven Raichlen shared his favorite stops for smoked meat with the Daily Beast, and Texas gets plenty of love.– These are the most influential barbecue joints in the country.– Why not try beef chuck in the smoker? Brisket is pricey

August 4, 2016

BBQ News: 07/29 – 08/04

– Delish looks at the wild world of cooking competitions, including how to become a barbecue judge.– Tasty Meat polled a number of notable grillers about common grilling mistakes. They shared the 25 most common ones.– I talked with the Leisuremen radio show about

July 28, 2016

BBQ News: 07/22 – 07/28

– Livestock producers have increased supplies of hogs and cattle to a level described by Bloomberg as a “meat mountain.” Meat just keeps getting cheaper.– Beware pitmasters. The Atlantic dives into the root causes of tuberculosis, and determines that it might have first developed in people

July 21, 2016

BBQ News: 07/15 – 07/21

– We second the motion: .@JusticeWillett proudly casts all his votes for the next Pitmaster General of the United States—Aaron Franklin! — Justice Don Willett (@JusticeWillett) July 19, 2016 – A man in Austin said he worked at Franklin Barbecue and could

July 14, 2016

BBQ News: 07/08 – 07/14

– The Meat Fight 1K is a fun run minus the running. Twenty food vendors line the 3,281 foot course. Registration begins tomorrow morning.– Pecan Lodge is offering free meals to Dallas police officers through July 17th.– Pecan Lodge had a brief pit fire overnight. It

July 7, 2016

BBQ News: 07/01 – 07/07

– Brisket in NC was the meal for President Obama at Midwood Smokehouse: Obama and Clinton stop for BBQ at Midwood Smokehouse — Margaret Talev (@margarettalev) July 5, 2016 – A Houston blogger ordered enough smoked meat at La Barbecue for five or six

June 30, 2016

BBQ News: 06/24 – 06/30

– Barbecue Week begins on July 10th. Every order of a barbecue plate listed here provides a $1 donation to Foodways Texas.– The former governor is a big fan of Truth BBQ in Brenham:

June 23, 2016

BBQ News: 06/17 – 06/23

– From First We Feast: How the Texas BBQ Boom Marginalizes Its African-American Roots.– Over this past weekend, Greg Gatlin of Gatlin’s BBQ in Houston made some traditional Beaumont beef links.– Rock thrower not impressed with Franklin Barbecue: The suspected serial rock thrower

June 16, 2016

BBQ News: 06/10 – 06/16

– It’s Barbecue Week on Eater: Barbecue Week on Eater starts right now: — Eater (@Eater) June 13, 2016 – Here are the best ribs in Austin according to Eater Austin. – Eater Houston talks with Jerry Pizzitola about how

June 9, 2016

BBQ News: 06/03 – 06/09

– Texas BBQ at the James Beard House: Texas twinkies, slow-smoked brisket, and burnt end beans by @HutchinsBBQ at the #BeardHouse — Beard Foundation (@beardfoundation) June 8, 2016 – Myron Mixon attempts to bust five grilling myths for Made

June 6, 2016

Juneteenth BBQ Competition in Dallas

The seventh annual Elm Thicket/Northpark Juneteenth barbecue competition in Dallas is looking for competitors. It’s being held at the K. B. Polk recreation center, near Love Field, on Saturday, June 18. There’s no prize money, but, as organizer Virgil Lee told me, there are “bragging rights.”For the amateur pitmaster,

June 2, 2016

BBQ News: 05/27 – 06/02

– If you haven’t yet, you need to go: Take a trip out to Cele Store, where barbecue, history, and movies collide — Eater Austin (@EaterAustin) May 27, 2016 – Wyatt McSpadden shared some of the barbecue portraits he’s taken over the years for Yeti’s

May 26, 2016

BBQ News: 05/20 – 05/26

– Kelly Yandell began homeschooling her son this year, and created BBQ Thursday as part of his curriculum. He passed with flying colors.– A new look at BBQ around the country: We expect BBQ to be a bargain, which is why many spots start with

May 19, 2016

BBQ News: 05/13 – 05/19

– Rougned Odor’s punch earned him free barbecue for life in Ft. Worth: .@RougnedOdor EATS FREE at Heim BBQ t-shirts on sale now at all proceeds go to Joey Bats jaw re-alignment surgery… — Heim Barbecue (@HeimBBQ) May 16, 2016 – Looking for meat

May 12, 2016

BBQ News: 05/06 – 05/12

– King Ranch chicken in tube form: As seen at @tmbbq fest: the recipe for @evanleroy’s Smoked King Ranch Sausage — Jess Pryles (@jesspryles) May 8, 2016 – Dai Due in Austin is now offering an option to order a

May 5, 2016

BBQ News: 04/29 – 05/05

– “The whole house is still redolent of smoke. If there’s a better scent, I have yet to encounter it.” – Ruth Reichl– These are the up-and-coming pitmasters across the country according to Thrillist, most of which are cooking Texas style.– Ladies and gentlemen, Tootsie Tomanetz:

May 2, 2016

Brisket at the Beards

Last year, Aaron Franklin made history by being the first pitmaster to win in the Best Chef category at the James Beard Awards. He’s back at the awards ceremony in Chicago this year with the dish that got him the 2015 prize. Franklin packed up twenty

April 28, 2016

BBQ News: 04/22 – 04/28

– How do you define what “real” barbecue is? The pitfalls of defining true ‘cue via @HoustonChron. Thanks JC for taking us on that trip! Thanks for so much. — Pizzitola’s BBQ (@PizzitolasBBQ) April 23, 2016 If you’re a barbecue cook, you probably use

April 21, 2016

BBQ News: 04/15 – 04/21

– “If there was a state meat, surely it would be brisket.”: – The Dallas Observer wades into the barbecue sauce or no sauce debate.– Conde Nast Traveler has chosen their list of the fifteen best barbecue cities in the country.– Luke Russert is wrong on

April 14, 2016

BBQ News: 04/08 – 04/14

– How Jon Favreau lured Bill Murray with a smoked brisket: Watch: Jon Favreau smoked Bill Murray a brisket to prepare for ‘The Jungle Book’ — Eater (@Eater) April 7, 2016 – Eater Austin takes a good look at the current

April 7, 2016

BBQ News: 04/01 – 04/07

– “It’s funny with barbecue, because the most beloved barbecue places in the South, by and large, serve the shittiest barbecue.” – Alton Brown– Is wood versus gas really the debate? Wood or Gas? Maybe That’s the Wrong Question @mossr @BBQsnob

March 31, 2016

BBQ News: 03/25 – 03/31

– Nick Solares of Eater descended upon Austin, and found Valentina’s to be the sleeper barbecue hit: One day, five barbecue joints — Eater Austin (@EaterAustin) March 24, 2016 – The Houston Chronicle tells a thing or five to the barbecue newbies

March 28, 2016

Lamb Barbacoa en Pozo

John Speights hosted a lamb barbacoa party in Houston over the weekend. For those curious about cooking barbacoa the traditional way, inside a hole in the ground, Speights (@JCSpeights) and Jay Rascoe (@GunsandTacos) documented the entire event, from lamb procurement to completion, on Twitter. I’ve compiled

March 24, 2016

BBQ News: 03/18 – 03/24

– Get your burnt ends right here: Burnt ends have become a modern-day barbecue delicacy. When you want some, here’s where to go in DFW. — Dallas Observer (@Dallas_Observer) March 21, 2016 – A Barbecue Showdown is coming to the Fort Worth Food &

March 21, 2016

Jon Flaming: Barbecue Artist

Jon Flaming is an artist based in Dallas with a love for Texas barbecue. His past work has focused on small-town Texas as well as the oil and gas boom in the state, but he has now shifted his focus to the

March 17, 2016

BBQ News: 03/04 – 03/17

– A new film from the SFA about Patillo’s Bar-B-Que in Beaumont:Blood Is Blood from Southern Foodways on Vimeo. – Thrillist ate their way through Austin and compiled this list of the best barbecue in the city.– Food & Wine examines the fantastic barbecue

March 3, 2016

BBQ News: 02/26 – 03/03

– Brian Williams doesn’t know much about Texas barbecue, but Rachel Maddow was there to correct him.– The Texas candidate dives into KC BBQ: “Is it better than TX BBQ?” a KC reporter asks as @tedcruz tries the Z Man. “You can be honest,

February 25, 2016

BBQ News: 02/19 – 02/25

– On the disappearance of black–owned BBQ joints in the South: South toward home. Black barbecue and a journey down Legacy Road. — Jim Shahin (@jimshahin) February 22, 2016 – The World’s Championship Bar-B-Que Cookoff is happening this weekend at the Houston Stock

February 18, 2016

BBQ News: 02/12 – 02/18

– John Lewis is close to opening his Charleston barbecue joint: John Lewis Is Bringing Texas BBQ To Charleston, South Carolina, For Good #CHSWFF — Food Republic (@foodrepublic) February 17, 2016 – Texas Secretary of State Carlos Cascos chastises people who’ll stand

February 4, 2016

BBQ News: 01/29 – 02/04

– A film about Patillo’s Bar-B-Que in Beaumont is in the works: .@potlikker‘s producing a documentary about Beaumont BBQ spot Patillo’s & the 100+ yr old East TX juicy link. #txbbq — Beth Rankin (@Beth_Rankin) February 2, 2016 – The Southern Foodways Alliance

January 28, 2016

BBQ News: 01/22 – 01/28

– The line at Franklin Barbecue gets some NYT coverage: It’s 10:06 a.m. in Texas. Hundreds may be in line for this BBQ. Even Kanye had to wait. — The New York Times (@nytimes) January 27, 2016 – The Austin American Statesman

January 25, 2016


It’s Pastrami Week here at TMBBQ. I’ve been traveling across the state—and the country—for the last few months (okay, maybe years) looking for examples of pastrami excellence. Most have come in the form of beef, but mushrooms, salmon, and octopus have made appearances as well. This week we’ll celebrate them all.Despite Texas’s

January 21, 2016

BBQ News: 01/15 – 01/21

– Georgia-style Texas brisket? What is Georgia barbecue exactly? DAS BBQ, coming in June, hopes to define it: — Atlanta Magazine (@AtlantaMagazine) January 19, 2016 – Eater Atlanta didn’t let DAS BBQ off the hook for some odd comments about women

January 14, 2016

BBQ News: 01/08 – 01/14

– Eater has released its second annual list of the 38 essential restaurants in the U.S. This year 13 new names have been added to the list, but Franklin Barbecue remains.– Korean girls try American barbecue:  – Brooks Place BBQ in Houston has vocally supported open carry. The

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