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December 14, 2015

Barbecue Poetry

Frank “Trey” Felton is the owner of Thorndale Meat Market, which we reviewed last week on TMBBQ. Felton, a graduate of the Air Force Academy, is a talented pitmaster, but his skills don’t stop at the smoker; writing is another passion. Felton is the author of Jewel of

December 10, 2015

BBQ News: 12/04 – 12/10

– It’s the time of year when Stiles Switch brings us their 12 Days of Smoked Meat: If you were lucky enough to to join us today…Smoked Bone In Ribeye. #12DaysOfSmokedMeat continues tomorrow. — StilesSwitchBBQ (@StilesSwitchBBQ) December 10, 2015  – In which

December 3, 2015

BBQ News: 11/28 – 12/03

– Stubbs sauce versus Stubb’s restaurant: Stubb’s bottled barbecue sauce is suing Stubb’s Bar-B-Q — Eater Austin (@EaterAustin) December 1, 2015 – More details on the Stubb’s v. Stubb’s lawsuit from Texas Monthly. – Golfer Jordan Spieth is the reigning Masters

November 19, 2015

BBQ News: 11/13 – 11/19

– A whole new meaning to cow tipping: Chopper 5 is in Mesquite- a truck transporting 86 cows tipped over on the ramp from U.S. 80 to Interstate 635. — Samantha Davies (@SDaviesNBC5) November 12, 2015 – Texas Monthly’s list of the

November 12, 2015

BBQ News: 11/06 – 11/12

– The Washington Post’s Tom Sietsema traveled to Houston during his tour of ten great American food cities. Texas barbecue makes a big appearance including a discussion of the jiggle factor at Killen’s Barbecue.– A recent study linked barbecue consumption to kidney cancer, but one publication wonders how

November 11, 2015

Meal, Ready-to-Eat: BBQ Edition

I recently posted the photo below on Twitter, and the reaction was swift and severe (read it all here). I said it was some of the worst barbecue I’d ever eaten. One commenter was sympathetic, saying, “Sorry you had to eat it!” But I didn’t really

November 5, 2015

BBQ News: 10/30 – 11/05

– Barbecue competitor and television personality Myron Mixon ran for mayor in his hometown of Unadilla, Georgia, and won by twenty votes.– The Houston Chronicle provides this historical profile of Houston pitmaster Lenoa Ginn.– Sunday’s Texas Monthly TMBBQ Fest in Austin was a success:

November 4, 2015

Tortillas: The Other White Bread

Standing at the counter at Kreuz Market in Lockhart last week, I was asked, “Bread or crackers?” I thought about it for a moment, but all I wanted to say was, “How about some tortillas?”Instead, the large group I was with opted for a half sleeve of saltines (filling up on

November 3, 2015

TMBBQ Festival 2015

Thanks to everyone for making this year’s Texas Monthly Barbecue Festival a success. Here are a few of our favorite shots from the day. Don’t scroll down if you’re hungry.[View the story “TMBBQ Fest 2015” on Storify]

November 2, 2015

True ‘Cue Kerfuffle

Thanks to Calvin Trillin, barbecue is once again in the national spotlight. In his recent New Yorker article “In Defense of True ‘Cue,” Trillin highlighted True ‘Cue, an organization that campaigns for what they designate as “Real Barbecue,” while decrying what it refers to as “Faux ‘Cue,” meat sold as barbecue that isn’t

October 29, 2015

BBQ News: 10/23 – 10/29

– With brisket prices coming down, both Killen’s Barbecue in Pearland and Riverport Barbecue in Jefferson have lowered their prices on brisket.– Rick Bayless is insightful on the future of barbecue, and he puts the smack down on the way barbecue is generally portrayed

October 27, 2015

Head-to-Head Competition Tasting

There’s plenty of skill that goes into preparing competition-style barbecue, but most contestants will tell you that it’s really one thing that separates first place from tenth: luck. Luck that conditions are favorable during their cook; luck that every entry gets into its respective entry box flawlessly; and luck that the box finds its

October 23, 2015

The Karma of Brisket Prices

Ronnie Killen has had enough with high-priced brisket at his Houston-area barbecue joint. Killen’s Barbecue has garnered praise for his juicy smoked briskets (and just about everything else on his menu) from Texas Monthly, and even the Food Network, but it didn’t come cheap. Along with big

October 22, 2015

BBQ News: 10/16 – 10/22

– Nine more sleeps until the Texas Monthly Barbecue Festival in Austin on 11/01.– Lance Kirkpatrick from Stiles Switch in Austin was on KEYE slicing brisket like the ones they’ll be serving at the Barbecue Festival.– We released our new list of the 25

October 20, 2015

A New Look For Dickey’s

Dickey’s Barbecue Pit has more than 500 locations, but their newest remodel in Dallas is one of kind—for now. New graphics, lighting, and design flourishes give it an updated look that’s five years in the making, says CEO Roland Dickey Jr. in an article by Restaurant Business. It’s an

October 15, 2015

The Top 25 New and Improved BBQ Joints in Texas

It’s been two years since Texas Monthly published its last Top 50 BBQ Joints list. It was a feat of reporting that took me and my barbecue-eating cohorts across the state to eat at countless legendary restaurants, holes-in-the-wall, out-of-the-way joints. The work didn’t end when the issue went to press.

October 15, 2015

BBQ News: 10/09 – 10/15

– Pulled pork is everywhere: Fast-food chains are going hog wild for pulled pork — Bloomberg Business (@business) October 9, 2015 – Dallas’s NPR station, KERA, is in Austin and gives us this tour of Franklin Barbecue. – Aaron

October 14, 2015

How Long Will You Wait?

Waiting in line for barbecue is a fact of life if you seek out the good stuff at prime times. You know when heading out to Lockhart, Taylor, or any number of barbecue destinations on the weekends that you’re not going to walk right up to the counter to place

October 8, 2015

BBQ News: 10/02 – 10/08

– No more freelance line-standers at Franklin Barbecue: You’ll have to wait in line for your own brisket now w/ Franklin Barbecue’s line holder ban — Eater Austin (@EaterAustin) October 4, 2015– On the same day, the Supreme Court

October 5, 2015

The Simpsons Do a BBQ Episode

With so much barbecue fluff on television these days, it was nice to see a serious discussion of smoked meat on . . . The Simpsons? The writers obviously did their homework for last night’s episode. Homer bought a smoker shaped from a meteor (that looked a lot like

October 1, 2015

BBQ News: 09/25 – 10/01

– Matt Garner, a central figure in the formation of Houston’s barbecue style, gets nice treatment in the Houston Chronicle.– Also in the Chronicle, food critic Alison Cook announced her 100 favorites restaurants in Houston this past week. Killen’s Barbecue was #4, CorksScrew BBQ was #31, Roegels Barbecue Co. was

September 28, 2015

The West Wing Should Have the Best Wings

Barbecue and politics have long, shared history. A few months back we looked at some humorous political slogans calling for brisket as a 2016 contender. Aaron Franklin was even seeking some votes, but now it’s Brad Orrison of the The Shed Barbeque & Blues Joint looking for

September 24, 2015

BBQ News: 09/18 – 09/24

– I reiterated on the Texas Standard that sous vide meat with liquid smoke is not barbecue.– For The Love of Meat, a documentary about Texas barbecue and the pitmasters who make it will debut with a screening in Austin on 10/08.– Catch a glimpse of

September 22, 2015

Matt’s BBQ

High-caliber Texas-style barbecue keeps popping up in the oddest places. Two weeks ago I found some great brisket in Los Angeles, and this past weekend the same thing happened in Portland, Oregon. I visited a tiny place called Matt’s BBQ, and its origin story is a wonderful microcosm that

September 17, 2015

BBQ News: 09/11 – 09/17

– Wanna work in a barbecue joint? Good read & all #truth. Melanie Kurtz, pit master @oldglorybbq via @mossr — Amy Mills (@17thstreetbbq) September 15, 2015 – Michael Harriot, host of The Black One podcast, shares his tips for

September 16, 2015

Maple Block Meat Co.

It’s my job to travel this great country—and parts outside Texas—looking for notable barbecue joints. But searching for good brisket in California can feel like waiting for a cool September day in Texas: both exist, but mainly in theory. After making my way through a solid Southern California itinerary

September 10, 2015

BBQ News: 09/04 – 09/10

– Staying healthy as a pitmaster can be a challenge: Health hazards of the barbecue pitmaster / @jcreidtx Great to hear Clarence is healthy again. — Mike Morris (@mmorris011) September 9, 2015 – “Texas is an amazing state. It

September 3, 2015

BBQ News: 08/28 – 09/03

– A California barbecue cooks uses his camera time for an audition: – With much talk about diversity, or lack there of, in barbecue, Chris Reid delves into the multicultural barbecue scene of Houston.– Foodways Texas released this oral history of Dzuik’s Meat Market in Castroville.–

August 31, 2015

Tough Turkey

Smoked turkey is about to get expensive. An outbreak of avian flu that started back in March has decimated the turkey flocks in the US, especially in Minnesota. The state is the largest turkey producer, and they lost 10% of their yearly stock due to the outbreak.

August 27, 2015

BBQ News: 08/21 – 08/27

– A new film is coming out about barbecue in East Austin:Slow Burn Trailer from Jeff Mertz on Vimeo.– You can attend the Kickstarter Launch Party for the Slow Burn film in Austin on 09/05.– The BBC reported American barbecue and a disparity

August 20, 2015

BBQ News: 08/14 – 08/20

– That’s actually the longest grilling marathon there, #hotdog: Watch Tyler Florence break the world record for the longest barbecue marathon. — Food Republic (@foodrepublic) August 19, 2015 – The Austinot shares some advice on getting good barbecue in Austin

August 13, 2015

BBQ News: 08/07 – 08/13

– After a steady fall, the Texas cattle inventory is on its way back up. It’s already ticked up 6% compared to last year’s numbers, which represents the first increase since 2005.– A man in Waco tried to steal some brisket from a local grocery store.

August 7, 2015

A Few More Influential Pitmasters

Last week I had the honor of being included in a list amongst a group of barbecue folks who I greatly admire. The list was entitled America’s Most Influential BBQ Pitmasters and Personalities. Those listed, at least the top ten, were all very deserving of recognition.

August 6, 2015

BBQ News: 07/31 – 08/06

– From the Austin American Statesman: Austin is not banning barbecue.– “The city of Austin’s Health and Human Services Committee said a recommendation for a city-wide ordinance on barbecue smoke will not come from them.”– Politifact looks into the claim: NIGHTCAP: Austin

July 30, 2015

BBQ News: 07/24 – 07/30

– Jacob Brogan is upset about his love for grilling because its homosocial symbology might suggest “same-sex intimacy that deflects the supposed dangers of sexual contact between men but allows them to confirm their masculinity by excluding women.”– In Massachusetts, they can’t tell the difference between a brisket and

July 29, 2015

No, Rush Limbaugh, Austin Isn’t Banning BBQ

Yesterday Rush Limbaugh ran with a bogus story about Austin banning barbecue. The transcript now on his website, entitled “The Left Declares War on BBQ” echoes a bunch of outdated material from a recent blog post on “I Am A Texan,” which reported that the Austin City

July 28, 2015

Another Barbecue List

With what seems like three new barbecue lists coming out daily during the summer, I’ll forgive you if you didn’t notice the new one this morning. However, many did comment on Thrillist’s new one entitled “An Expert Panel Ranks the 5 Best BBQ Joints in Dallas.” This list included

July 23, 2015

BBQ News: 07/17 – 07/23

– The Austin Health & Human Services Committee will meet again on 08/03, and item #5 on their agenda is “Discussion and possible action on the initiation of a code amendment to mitigate the effects of smoke emissions from restaurants and mobile food vendors near residentially zoned areas.”–

July 16, 2015

BBQ News: 07/10 – 07/16

– Good news! The price of beef plate short ribs is now at a three-year low. Those monster beef ribs are going to get cheaper.– Party like a pitmaster: – Two industry experts debate the effect that beef feedlots have on the environment.– What it Takes

July 13, 2015

Starbucks Does Brisket

Here I sit, a contradiction personified. I’m typing in a Starbucks in Dallas wearing a t-shirt that reads “LOCAL” and drinking hot coffee on our first true 100 degree day of the year. I just finished the last bite of a sandwich I abhorred before I ever bought it, one

July 9, 2015

BBQ News: 07/03 – 07/09

– The difference between barbecue and grilling from CNN.– The Wall Street Journal also has a piece on barbecue and grilling.– Here’s how your grill actually works: Physics: Infrared, convection, conduction, and how your grill works — Meathead

July 6, 2015

Franklin for President

With all the candidates thus far who have entered the 2016 run for president, the logos and mottos abound. Our new crop of Texas Monthly interns figured that none of the candidates matched the qualifications of one Aaron Franklin, proprietor of Austin’s Franklin Barbecue, so they made some alterations to the

July 2, 2015

BBQ News: 06/26 – 07/02

– Stubb’s barbecue sauce sold for $100,000,000 and TM’s Dan Solomon has the story.– CHD Expert provides some interesting industry numbers on the impact of barbecue joints in the country’s restaurant landscape.– Steven Raichlen is back with a new barbecue show called Project Smoke.–

June 25, 2015

BBQ News: 06/19 – 06/25

– Texas Governor Greg Abbott says that calling barbecue sauce “the most important thing about barbecue” was, in hindsight “my biggest regret” while in office.– Officials in China have seized meat illegally smuggled in from Vietnam. It was all previously frozen, and some of it was

June 19, 2015

Big Apple BBQ Block Party 2015

Today Wayne Mueller begins the final leg of his around-the-world barbecue missionary tour, a journey that has taken him to Japan (through Tokyo and three other cities); a stint at the World Expo in Milan; two flights through London, and one very long weekend in New York City

June 18, 2015

BBQ News: 06/12 – 06/18

– Travel + Leisure calls Austin “America’s next great food town” citing great restaurants like Franklin Barbecue and Valentina’s Tex-Mex.– Directly from Big Apple BBQ -> How not to trim a brisket:  – The Daily Meal asks for tips from some barbecue experts at the Big

June 11, 2015

BBQ News: 06/05 – 06/11

– Southern Living’s Robert Moss released his list of the fifty best barbecue joints in the South.– Some in Houston aren’t happy about being snubbed by Moss.– Kansas City is named the best city for barbecue by Travel + Leisure. Don’t worry, they also

May 28, 2015

BBQ News: 05/22 – 05/28

– A new class of the Barbecue Hall of Fame has been named. This year, Ed Fisher, Steven Raichlen, and Paul Kirk will be inducted.– Tim Carman of the Washington Post examines the rise of the urban barbecue joint, and credits Aaron Franklin for bringing barbecue

May 21, 2015

BBQ News: 05/15 – 05/21

– Waypoints named BARBQ, SMOKE, RIBBS, and BRSKT exist in the Kansas City (ZKC) sky country.– The best barbecue in America is in Georgia, says TripAdvisor: Craving some #BBQ? @TripAdvisor‘s picks for America’s best spots: via @CNNTravel