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Which joint is open or closed? Who got fired?

October 23, 2014

BBQ News: 10/17 – 10/23

– “In 2013 the U.S. produced almost the same amount of beef as it did in 1976, about 13 million tons. It achieved this while slaughtering 10 million fewer cattle.” From an in-depth look into the cattle industry, with a focus on Texas, from National Geographic.– National Geographic

October 16, 2014

BBQ News: 10/10 – 10/16

– Neil Patrick Harris will be the host of the Oscars. Along with announcing his big news, he also announced his love for the Salt Lick.– “I actually had my first barbecue here.” – Lorde at ACL Festival in Austin.– La Barbecue fed Eminem

October 9, 2014

BBQ News: 10/03 – 10/09

– John Lewis of la Barbecue in Austin is opening a new barbecue joint in…Charleston, South Carolina. He’s bringing some beef to a state where pork is king. Word is, when the doors open to Lewis Barbecue in 2015, it’ll be just down the street from a new

October 6, 2014

Meat Drunk

This article originally appeared on and is reprinted here with the permission of Modern Farmer. Photo by Nicholas McWhirterYou’re experiencing a rapid heartbeat, flush cheeks, and a sweaty brow. All are symptoms of overindulgence, but not of the alcoholic kind. Rather than an elevated BAC, the

October 2, 2014

BBQ News: 09/26 – 10/02

– The Dallas Observer released their Best of Dallas list, and in the food categories, barbecue is well represented. Tim Byres of Smoke received the Best Chef nod, Peggy Sue BBQ was recognized for their baby back ribs, Cattleack BBQ had the best barbecue

September 25, 2014

BBQ News: 09/19 – 09/25

– In one of the laziest pieces of barbecue journalism I’ve seen, a reporter for the Chicago Tribune showed up at Franklin Barbecue in Austin fifteen minutes before they opened, abandoned the long line, came back two hours later, and was mad that she didn’t get barbecue. She

September 22, 2014

Smoked in Portland

This past weekend Portland, Oregon got a taste of Aaron Franklin’s brisket. The Austin pitmaster travelled to the Northwest for Feast Portland, a culinary event that brought chefs in from around the country – along with plenty of homegrown talent – to showcase their dishes to

September 18, 2014

BBQ News: 09/12 – 09/18

– The Texas Monthly Barbecue Festival was this past Sunday, and many of our attendees had plenty to say about the event:– Thrillist ATX learned ten facts about Texas barbecue.– Here’s our own wrap-up of collected photos from the event.–

September 15, 2014

TMBBQ Fest 2014

Yesterday we held the fifth annual Texas Monthly Barbecue Festival. It was the biggest one yet with twenty-five pitmasters feeding thousands of hungry barbecue fans. If you made it out to enjoy the beautiful day, we thank you. If not, we’ll see you next year.Here are a few of the

September 11, 2014

BBQ News: 09/05 – 09/11

– A drone that delivers barbecue was spotted at a high school football game in Idaho.– An entire steer on a spit at Meatopia UK:  – Man Up Texas BBQ tried out the new Slab BBQ in Austin.– A full and complete guide to eating at

September 4, 2014

BBQ News: 08/29 – 09/04

– Kreuz Market in Lockhart claims former employee, Brian Thornton, quit and took company trade secrets with him. They’re still looking for him.– There is such a thing as BBQ flavored protein chips.– I just now came across this video of North Carolina’s Keith Allen making

August 28, 2014

BBQ News: 08/22 – 08/28

– A woman in Dallas bought the former home of Sonny Bryan, but didn’t realize it until she found his old letters and Army rucksack in the attic.– The Houston Chronicle provides a vivid description of the fire that broke out at Hinze’s in Wharton, and describes

August 25, 2014

Woody the Pit Feeder

Around back at Opie’s BBQ in Spicewood is a contraption like none I’ve seen at a barbecue joint. They call it Woody, and it feeds mesquite logs into the fire at night.Kristin Ashmore with WoodyKristin Ashmore is the co-owner of Opie’s. She lives close to the restaurant,

August 21, 2014

BBQ News: 08/15 – 08/21

– Jan Harding was poisoned at a Dickey’s BBQ in Utah after an employee mistakenly added sodium hydroxide into the sweet tea.– Dickey’s BBQ plans to open their 500th location before the end of the year.– I promise, you’ll miss the meat:You won’t even

August 18, 2014

Dickey’s Barbecue in Hot Water over Tainted Iced Tea

What a difference a few weeks can make. In late July, Dickey’s Barbecue, headquartered in Dallas, Texas, began a new national advertising campaign with the theme “We Know Barbecue.” They also announced that they expected their five hundredth store would open before 2014 came to a

August 14, 2014

BBQ News: 08/08 – 08/14

– The Barbecue Hall of Fame has announced its 2014 inductees:Congrats to the 2014 #BBQHallofFame Inductees: Henry Perry, Pat Burke, & @drbbq! — American Royal (@AmericanRoyal) August 11, 2014 – Ten 50 BBQ in Richardson will open next Monday. The Dallas Morning

August 13, 2014

New BBQ Joint Opening in Grapevine

For nearly a decade San Angelo native and current Keller resident Andy Sedino worked for Rudy’s BBQ. When he left in 2012 he was a managing partner and the Director of Operations for the North Texas franchises of the popular chain. Now he’s looking to bring his own

August 11, 2014

Fires in Recent Texas BBQ History

Last week a fire at Hinze’s BBQ in Wharton shut the restaurant down indefinitely. The fire began as a grease fire in the pit, but quickly spread. The building was a total loss, but the owners have vowed to rebuild.That’s not always the case. A fire can be emotionally and

August 7, 2014

BBQ News: 08/01 – 08/07

– Sad news out of Wharton, Texas. A fire started in the pit room of Hinze’s BBQ, and the building is a total loss: – More details on the devastating fire at Hinze’s BBQ in Wharton from the Houston Chronicle.– A Go Fund Me site has been starting to

August 4, 2014

Biggest TMBBQ Fest Ever

In a little over a month we’ll be hosting our biggest Texas Monthly BBQ Festival yet, with twenty-five pitmasters from around the state bringing their barbecue to Austin. It’s the fifth annual event in a series that’s proven very popular. This year was no different with the VIP

July 31, 2014

BBQ News: 07/25 – 07/31

– In an interview with the Houston Chronicle, Goode Co. owner Levi Goode is disgruntled with “high-profile places that throw two or three briskets on the smoker and sell out by 11 a.m.”– How a few Austin restaurants, including Franklin Barbecue and la Barbecue, deal with their massive

July 28, 2014

BBQ Signs Gone By

Barbecue joints come and go, and they usually take their signs with them. Some linger. They either cling to our memory or remain attached to the building that no longer serves as their home, becoming ghosts of the past. A few have become revered – their images shared with the

July 24, 2014

BBQ News: 07/18 – 07/24

– Zagat calls these thirty-four barbecue joints the most important in Texas. Maybe describing the list as “definitive” and “unequivocal” was a reach.– The Dallas Observer has started a new column called Shigging. This week they look at the secrets behind the barbecue at Lockhart Smokehouse.–

July 17, 2014

BBQ News: 07/11 – 07/17

– Texas BBQ Week is still going strong for a few more days.– Looking for golf and barbecue [email protected] RT @supremegolf: 75 BBQ spots+70 rounds+90k mi = Ult. BBQ Golf Trail via @FatGuyGolf — Sean F Hosley (@sketchwerk)

July 10, 2014

BBQ News: 07/04 – 07/10

– Thrillist has ranked every state based on their food and drink options. Texas scored a #2 ranking based mainly on our great barbecue.– Texas Barbecue Week starts this Sunday, and there’s some good eating to do around Texas barbecue joints.– John Raven, the

July 9, 2014

Presidential Barbecue

The Dark Prince of Texas barbecue smoked beef ribs for the POTUS. John Mueller is in Dallas today along with President Barack Obama and Nancy Pelosi for a barbecue fundraiser at the home of Marc Stanley just southwest of Forest and 75. John Mueller commented on the president’s

July 7, 2014

Texas Barbecue Week 2014

Next Sunday marks the beginning of the second annual Texas Monthly Barbecue Week. During this week-long celebration of our culinary heritage, everyone’s invited to visit the participating joints featured in our 2013 Top 50 BBQ issue who are offering a barbecue special. Fifty-four in total are included this year, and

July 3, 2014

BBQ News: 06/27 – 07/03

– Camp Brisket, presented by Foodways Texas, is coming January 9-10, 2015. Tickets go on sale August 14th.– Here’s a recap of the Foodways Texas Barbecue Camp that was held last month.– Texas BBQ Week is starting July 13th. Here’s a list of great

June 26, 2014

BBQ News: 06/20 – 06/26

– John Lewis of Austin’s la Barbecue will travel to South Carolina to show them what Texas BBQ is all about in this cross-cultural barbecue event.– Alice Laussade lists ten ways you know your relationship is over in Dallas. #2 is “He takes you to Dickey’s.”–

June 23, 2014

Barbecue Rant

I eat a lot of barbecue, but rarely do I fear taking a bite of what I’m served. This weekend was one of those rare experiences. It was some of the most soulless, thoughtless barbecue I’ve encountered. There were so many questionable decisions made in the course of assembling a

June 19, 2014

BBQ News: 06/13 – 06/19

– Zagat Austin lists their favorite barbecue events around the state this summer.– Gayot comes out with their list of the top ten barbecue joints in the country.– has a list of their top BBQ destinations. In Austin they highlight a humorous paring of events

June 12, 2014

BBQ News: 06/06 – 06/12

– Alison Cook of the Houston Chronicle doesn’t hand out the four star reviews often, but Killen’s BBQ in Pearland just got that high praise this week. She calls it “Houston’s first destination barbecue.”– Fed Man Walking has released a number of Austin BBQ lists over the past

June 9, 2014

Texas BBQ: History vs. Hip

Zagat produced a couple great videos on Texas barbecue comparing the historic and the hip joints in Texas. The first highlights the historic joints like Black’s BBQ, Opie’s, Snow’s BBQ, and Louie Mueller Barbecue: The second video looks at the new and hip barbecue joints in Austin. It features Franklin Barbecue, Kerlin BBQ, la

June 5, 2014

BBQ News: 05/30 – 06/05

– If you’ve never been to Memphis in May and want to get a taste, check out Republic of Swine from Bitter Southerner. A taste: “First timers British Bulldog BBQ of Surrey, England are…the “best of the best” from the British Barbecue Society — which sounds about as

May 29, 2014

BBQ News: 05/23 – 05/29

– This month is National BBQ Month, and yesterday was National Brisket Day. Why so limiting?– Matthew Odam from the Austin American Statesman steps into the barbecue list fray with his Top 10 BBQ Joints in Austin.– You can also listen to Matthew Odam talk barbecue

May 22, 2014

To All the Armchair BBQ Critics

This is a note from pitmaster Carey Bringle. It is copied in its entirety, with his permission, from the Facebook page of Peg Leg Porker. And to those who will surely point it out, I do realize he is talking to me too, but it’s an important message. Enjoy.To

May 22, 2014

BBQ News: 05/16 – 05/22

– The summer barbecue list onslaught is in full effect this week. The first one comes from Travel + Leisure which ranks the twenty best cities in the country for barbecue. Nevermind that Nashville is laughably in the top spot, but they left off towns like Lockhart, Texas

May 21, 2014

Steven Raichlen’s Man Made Meals

Steven Raichlen, the man who wrote the Barbecue! Bible, will be in Texas this week for three events with Kent Rathbun’s restaurants. He’s promoting his new book Man Made Meals in Austin tonight, Plano tomorrow, and in the Woodlands on Friday. Each event ticket

May 15, 2014

BBQ News: 05/09 – 05/15

– Say it with me. “Whiskey-Flavored Pigs.”– Twelve great examples of barbecue on scripted television shows.– Another Rudy’s is coming to Houston:@BBQsnob for the Que News. 59 and Grand Parkway sugar land / ft.bend county — Pappa Charlies BBQ (@pappacharlies)

May 12, 2014

Meat Atlas

A few months ago the Friends of the Earth Europe (FOEE) released a sixty-six page report on meat consumption around the globe called the Meat Atlas. In their words “the report presents a global perspective on the impacts of industrial meat and dairy production, and illustrates

May 9, 2014

Emilio Soliz out at Two Bros. BBQ Market

As of yesterday, pitmaster Emilio Soliz is gone from Two Bros. BBQ Market in San Antonio. He broke the news over Facebook and I caught Soliz on the phone.“I’m nervous, but excited.” He’s planning a new venture in San Antonio which he hopes to have open soon. Right

May 8, 2014

BBQ News: 05/02 – 05/08

– Kitchen scientist Greg Blonder designs what he feels is the ideal smoker – the Janus Smoker.– Here are a few more less-than-ideal grills that will work if you don’t have a lawn.– A functional Biblia Definitiva Do Churrasco (The Bible of Barbecue) comes out of

May 2, 2014

BBQ News: 04/25 – 05/01

– A Texas Ranger tweets that he prefers North Carolina barbecue and rightfully catches the ire of fans.– The Rangers don’t serve North Carolina barbecue at the stadium:Dinner is served in center field! BBQ is always a Texas favorite! 🙂 — FSSouthwest Girls (@FSSWGirls)

April 28, 2014

Houston International Festival

Texans will take on Australians in a barbecue cook-off next month in Houston. As part of the Houston International Festival, whose theme this year in Celebrate Australia!, ten top Houston restaurants will prepare their finest barbecue, and compete for the title and bragging rights of

April 26, 2014

New BBQ Columnist at Houston Chronicle

Image courtesy of the Houston ChronicleThe Houston Chronicle has hired a weekly Barbecue Columnist. Food writer J. C. Reid has posted his first article Love of Barbecue Starts Early which will appear in tomorrow’s print edition. You might remember Reid from the Houston Barbecue Festival which he

April 24, 2014

BBQ News: 04/18 – 04/24

– A real barbecue feud is brewing in Austin. An outpost of Black’s BBQ, operated by Kent Black, will open near the UT campus just as Kent’s brother Terry plans to open Terry Black’s BBQ on the south side of town.– Thrillist provides several mostly helpful tips on

April 17, 2014

BBQ News: 04/11 – 04/17

– Beef prices (especially for brisket) are going up, but there are a few alternative cuts for smoking.– Leslie Brenner of the Dallas Morning News slammed the original Lockhart Smokehouse in Bishop Arts a few years back, but she loves the new

April 12, 2014

Texas Talent Coming to BBQ Pitmasters

The fifth season of BBQ Pitmasters will premiere tonight on Destination America at 8:00pm Central. Georgia smoked ham will be the focus, but next week the show is full of Texans. “Lone Star Smoke War,” will air on Saturday, April 19 at 8:00pm Central and will feature three teams

April 10, 2014

BBQ News: 04/04 – 04/10

– The Houston BBQ Festival was held on Sunday. The BBQ Geniuses from Texas A&M enjoyed their time, there were plenty of photos shared, and there were some pleasant surprises too.– Beef prices just keep going up. We’ve

April 7, 2014

A Few Discoveries in Houston

One Attendee’s Plan of AttackAmidst the rain and overcast skies in Houston yesterday, there was a barbecue festival. The second year for the Houston Barbecue Festival was held at Reliant Park, and twenty local pitmasters gathered to share their barbecue bounty with an estimated two thousand guests.