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Guides |
June 30, 1996

CD and Book Reviews

Hot CDsBraver Newer World (Elektra) might well be the record that Jimmie Dale Gilmore has always wanted to make. A radical departure in both instrumentation (the sitar and fuzz guitars of the title track) and arrangements (the overhaul of Joe Ely’s “Because of the Wind”), it’s the closest the Austin-via-Lubbock

Guides |
May 31, 1996

CD and Book Reviews

Hot CDsGrammy award aside, Flaco Jiménez’s last solo album was a big disappointment, for it showed how far Texas’ greatest accordionist had strayed. After all those studio sit-ins with the likes of the Rolling Stones and Dwight Yoakam and those trips around the globe as the ambassador of Tex-Mex, his

Guides |
April 30, 1996

CD and Book Reviews

Hot CDsAustin immigrant Bob Mould made two solo records after the breakup of his first band, Hüsker Dü; now the demise of his latest band, Sugar, has led to a third. Self-produced, entirely self-played, and unassumingly self-titled, the Rykodisc release finds Mould’s somber vocals and crystalline guitar lines meandering from

Books |
April 1, 1996

Wild About Harry

Houston attorney-novelist Eric L. Harry flashed on the idea for his new technothriller while rafting on a river. In Society of the Mind (Harper Collins, $25), due out in June, a mad genius lures a young Harvard professor to his secret island compound to psychoanalyze an equally disturbed computer…New York

Books |
March 1, 1996


The conventional wisdom is that the independents are good and the national chains are evil—but don’t judge a bookstore by its cover.

Books |
March 1, 1996

Colum McCann

Some words are worth a thousand pictures; such is the case with the image-rich writing of Colum McCann, whose first novel, Songdogs (Metropolitan Books, $22.50), has won praise from both The New Yorker and the New York Times. A native of Ireland, the 31-year-old credits Texas with jump-starting his career.

Bum Steers |
January 1, 1996

Head Ache

LYNDON B. JOHNSON AND HIS FAMILY PAPER DOLLS, a cutout book featuring Lyndon and his family in their undies, published by Dover Books as part of its presidential paper doll series, $4.95. TRAIL OF FLAME: THE RED-HOT GUIDE TO SPICY RESTAURANTS ACROSS AMERICA, by Jennifer Trainer Thompson,

Books |
December 1, 1995

The Good Old Boy

After four decades of writing classic Texas novels, there’s no denying that San Angelo’s Elmer Kelton has earned his Spurs.

Books |
September 30, 1995

Walker, Texas Writer

Mary Willis Walker’s mysteries aren’t exactly original, but she crafts real moments of tension. That’s why they sell so well and win so many awards.

Books |
August 31, 1995

Basking in It

If the literary novel is dead, then why is Baskerville Publishers in Dallas flourishing?

Books |
July 31, 1995

Ripe Apple

Twenty years after he began critiquing modern society, Houston writer Max Apple is enjoying the fruits of his labor.

Books |
July 1, 1995

What Really Happened at Waco

Just as congressional hearings are set to begin, an exclusive excerpt from a new book casts a different light on the government’s role in the fiery end to the siege at Mount Carmel.

Books |
June 30, 1995

Family Karr

With The Liar’s Club, a dark and lyrical memoir, a stiking new voice emerges from the oil patch.

Books |
June 30, 1995

Family Plot

For Dallas writer Carlton Stowers, Sins of the Son is more than just another true crime story. The son is his own.

Books |
May 31, 1995

Cheap Thrills

From “Lone State Doom” to “Land of Violent Men,” a look back at Texas’ classic pulp fiction.

Books |
September 30, 1994

Hot and Heavy

A saga of lust and revenge with a corpulent heroine establishes Carol Dawson as Texas' most promising new writer.

Books |
June 30, 1994

Blood Lines

With eight books in print, David Lindsey has established his own gory niche in the world of mystery writers.

Books |
March 1, 1994

Animal Writes

Eight indigenous authors, nine native critters: A bookish look at the wildest, woolliest creatures in Texas history.

Books |
February 1, 1994

Waco Untold

Four quickie Branch Davidian books reveal that the full story has yet to come out.

Books |
July 31, 1993

Mean Streets

Larry McMurtry rallies Lonesome Dove’s geriatric survivors for a last perilous, meandering adventure in Streets of Laredo.

Books |
April 30, 1993

Court Reporter

Renowned legal scholar and law professor Charles Alan Wright is deadly serious—about murder mysteries.

Books |
February 1, 1993

Return of the Native Son

For years he renounced his Texas ties. Now Larry McMurty is once again calling Archer City home.

Books |
December 1, 1992

Keyboard Kops

Hacker Crackdown tells how the feds busted employees of a Texas games company for a crime they didn’t commit.

Art |
November 1, 1992

The Cowboy Boot Book

This fall, photographer Jim Arndt and Western props supplier Tyler Beard visited the annual event in Burnet to chew the fat with many of the craftsmen featured in The Cowboy Boot Book (Peregrine Smith Books), their pictorial guide to fancy footgear. Arndt and Beard have dressed Western

Art |
June 30, 1992


Elvis fans will have their very own sightings in a new book, In Search of Elvis, just published by the Summit Group in Fort Worth ($12.95). The cartoon book is a knockoff of the prodigiously successful Where’s Waldo? children’s series, but Summit’s publicity coordinator Bryan Drake suspects that more parents

Art |
May 31, 1992

Picture Perfect

As the sole studio photographer in Granger from 1924 to 1955, John Trlica recorded on film most of the important occasions—public and private—in the Central Texas farming community. Because Trlica kept meticulous records and saved every negative, his shop became the repository for an intensely documented history of a small

Books |
April 1, 1992

Having a Cow

Beyond Beef blames cattle for the decline of civilization—not to mention famine, pestilence, destruction, and death.

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