Death Row

Rabbit’s Got the Gun

Jun 7, 2017 By Michael Hall

Kerry Max Cook, who spent almost twenty years on death row for a murder he maintains he didn't commit, sues the people who sent him there.

The Witness

Aug 12, 2014 By Pamela Colloff

For more than a decade, Michelle Lyons’s job required her to watch condemned criminals be put to death. After 278 executions, she won't ever be the same.

Should Texas Bring Back The Firing Squad?

May 19, 2014 By Dan Solomon

As the drugs used in lethal injections become more difficult to come by, one state lawmaker in Utah is proposing an old-school replacement: The firing squad. Should Texas consider a similar move? 

What Running Out of Pentobarbital Means For Texas

Oct 8, 2013 By Dan Solomon

According to a Freedom of Information Act request by the Associated Press, Texas is down to its last eight vials of the lethal injection drug pentobarbital—and the Houston-area "compounding pharmacy" that made them wants them back. What happens when the state runs out? 

Reasonable Doubt: The Manuel Velez Case

Mar 6, 2013 By Pamela Colloff

UPDATED: A Brownsville construction worker named Manuel Velez was sent to death row in 2008 after he was convicted of killing his girlfriend’s baby. Five years later, new testimony from a number of forensic experts suggests that the medical evidence against Velez was deeply flawed. Now he may receive the chance to prove his innocence.

Charlie Brooks’ Last Words

Feb 1, 1983 By Dick Reavis

Charlie Brooks was the first man to die by lethal injection, but everyone wondered whether he or his partner was the real murderer. In his last days, Brooks answered that, and other questions.