Oh, Say, Can You Sí?

Aug 31, 1997 By Turk Pipkin

Until recently, I couldn’t. Then I enrolled in language school in the charming Mexican town of Guanajuato, and two weeks later I was comfortably conversant in español.

Quiz Show

Jun 30, 1997 By Erin Gromen

What in the world can make learning fun? Would you believe—the National Geographic Society? When the staid Washington, D.C., institution wanted to turn the database of questions from its National Geography Bee into a computer game that would appeal to parents and kids alike, it turned to Austin’s Human Code,…

Not Guilty

Apr 1, 1997 By Paul Burka

Two former high-level administrators at Texas A&M may have acted unethically—but that doesn’t make them criminals.

School Spirit

Jan 1, 1997 By Texas Monthly

THANK YOU FOR LETTING ALL OF TEXAS know what I’ve known for years—that Roy Guess Elementary in Beaumont is a four-star school [“Our Best Schools,” November 1996]. I’ve been happy with our son’s educational environment at Guess, from the teachers and other staff to the building itself. Note that…

Testy Mail

Jan 1, 1997 By Gregory Curtis

IN NOVEMBER WE PUBLISHED A RANKING of 3,172 public grade schools in Texas, giving each school one of five grades, from four stars (the best) to no stars (the worst). This article provoked an unusual amount of mail. Some of the letters were barely restrained victory whoops from people connected…


Dec 1, 1996 By Mimi Swartz

The latest star pupil of the so-called Houston school.

Viz Kids

Dec 1, 1996 By Kathryn Jones

Texas A&M is churning out a new crop of students who aren't farmers or vets. They're the computer aces of the Visualization Lab, and they're Hollywood's new masters of special effects.

Pietzsch Elementary

Nov 1, 1996 By Josh Daniel

Facing the obstacles of an inner-city Beaumont neighborhood, a committed, innovative principal and her demanding staff expect the best and accept no excuses.

Brentfield Elementary

Nov 1, 1996 By Anne Dingus

With a private-school atmosphere, involved parents, and a veteran principal and faculty, this Richardson school makes the most of its many blessings.

No-Star Schools

Nov 1, 1996 By Texas Monthly

Austin/Blackshear Austin/Jordan Austin/Pecan Springs Austin/Sims Crockett/Crockett Dallas/Daniel James Dallas/Elisha M. Pease Fort Worth/A. M. Pate Fort Worth/Carroll Peak Fort Worth/Carter Park Fort Worth/De Zavala Fort Worth/Edward Briscoe Fort Worth/Manuel Jara Fort Worth/Maude I. Logan Fort…

One-Star Schools

Nov 1, 1996 By Texas Monthly

A | B | C |  D | E |  F | G | H |  I | J | K |  L | M | N |  O | P | – |  R | S | T |  – | V | W |  – | Y | – | Abilene/College Heights Abilene/Fannin Abilene/Ortiz Abilene/Valley View…

Two-Star Schools

Nov 1, 1996 By Texas Monthly

A | B | C | D | E | F | G | H | I | J | K | L | M | N | O | P | Q | R | S | T | – | V | W | – | Y | – | Abilene/Crockett Abilene/Jones Abilene/Long Abilene/Reagan Aldine/Evelyn S. Thompson Aldine/Johnson Aldine/Stephens…

Three-Star Schools

Nov 1, 1996 By Texas Monthly

 A | B | C | D | E | F | G | H | I | J | K | L | M | N | O | P | Q | R | S | T | – | V | W | – | Y | – | Abernathy/Abernathy Abilene/Alta Vista Abilene/Austin Abilene/Bowie Abilene/Johnston Abilene/Lee Abilene/Taylor Abilene/Thomas…

Four-Star Schools

Nov 1, 1996 By Texas Monthly

A | B | C |  D | E |  F | G | H |  I | J | K |  L | M | N |  O | P | – |  R | S | T |  – | V | W |  – | Y | – | Abilene/Bassetti Abilene/Bonham Abilene/Dyess Abilene/Jackson Alba-Golden/Alba-Golden…

Our Best Schools

Nov 1, 1996 By Texas Monthly

A report card on more than three thousand public elementary schools from Abernathy to Zavalla. Does yours make the grade? Plus: How Richardson’s Brentfield, Beaumont’s Pietzsch, and Mission’s Carl C. Waitz got to the head of the class.

Carl C. Waitz Elementary

Nov 1, 1996 By Paul Burka

At a school whose children come from some of the poorest communities on the border, the way to excellence begins with sheer will and a culture of success.


Sep 30, 1996 By Kathryn Jones

Wealthy school districts think they’ve found a way to shield millions of dollars from the state’s Robin Hood law. Are they about to get malled?

Fight Bakke

Apr 30, 1996 By Paul Burka

Will UT get affirmative action on affirmative action? Plus: A runoff rundown.

Black Like Them

Apr 30, 1994 By Pat Carr

During the days of segregation, a young graduate of all-white Rice University managed to become a professor at all-black Texas Southern University.

Drugged Out

Nov 1, 1992 By robertawright

After seven years, teaching kindergarten in a community devastated by drug addiction became more than I could bear. Still, my decision to leave was fraught with mixed emotions.

Can’t Win for Losing

Nov 1, 1989 By Skip Hollandsworth

When San Antonio’s Memorial Minutemen took on a crosstown rival, all they had to lose was their chance to go down in history as Texas’ worst high school football team.

The Dinosaur Darwin Missed

Nov 1, 1982 By Dale S. Turner

Side by side near a Texas river are dinosaur tracks and what appear to be the marks of a human foot—proof, in the creationist mind, that evolution is bunk.

Halftime Heroes

Nov 1, 1982 By W. L. Taitte

The bright-eyed, pink-cheeked cream of Texas youth aren’t scrambling on the football field. They’re playing in the high school band.