Clean Living

Jun 30, 1999 By Joe Nick Patoski

How the fight over a toxic waste dump has changed the lives of three West Texas activists.

Hog Wild

May 31, 1999 By John Morthland

They’re a major nuisance in rural Texas— but, boy, do they taste good.

The War on Cedar

Dec 1, 1997 By Joe Nick Patoski

It’s unpalatable to cattle, an invader of grasslands, and a water hog. So why can’t I just get rid of it? Because it’s a vegetative Vietnam.

Dumped On

Mar 1, 1997 By Joe Nick Patoski

It’s almost certain that Hudspeth County will soon be the site of a nuclear-waste dump—but officials in neighboring Presidio County think they’re the ones getting dumped on.


Jul 31, 1996 By Robert Bryce

The Barton Springs salamander goes to court.

Bone Dry

Jun 30, 1996 By Elmer Kelton

From water rationing to stricken crops, the current drought may be as devastating as the one in the early fifties—the time it never rained.

Riders on the Storm

Jun 30, 1996 By Joe Nick Patoski

By the end of May, the weather in the Panhandle finally turned nasty, and two real-life tornado trackers cut to the chase.

Blown Away

Jun 30, 1996 By William Hauptman

Ninety-four years after the Goliad Tornado killed 114 people, why do we still ignore the warnings until it’s too late? A reflection on Texas’ worst twisters.

So You Wanna Be a Storm Chaser?

Jun 30, 1996 By Joe Nick Patoski

Take Marty Feely’s Whirlwind Tours from Amarillo (707 W. Timberdell Road, Norman, OK 73072). Or attend a Skywarn spotter training seminar (call your county emergency services office). On the Internet Check out the Storm Chasers page on the World Wide Web (http://taiga.geog.niu.edu/chaser/chaser.html), featuring essays by Alan Moller and…

Eerie Canal

Jun 30, 1996 By Gary Cartwright

The Intracoastal Waterway is a marvel of engineering and a boon to industry. It’s also an ecological nightmare, which is why politicians, environmentalists, and business leaders are locked in a battle for the future of the Gulf Coast.

Big Bend, R.I.P.?

Mar 1, 1996 By Joe Nick Patoski

Air pollution from Mexico has descended on Big Bend big time and while officials on both sides of the border dither, our last unspoiled frontier is slipping away.

Oil’s Well That Ends Well

Feb 1, 1996 By Evan Smith

It’s not enough to say that associate editor Helen Thorpe was a fish out of water while reporting her story on the new oil plays in the Gulf of Mexico (“Oil and Water,”). She was really a fish out of water on the water. Three different times, the 31-year-old,…

Water Grab

Jan 1, 1996 By Paul Burka

Why farmers and big-city folk are at war over water. Plus: Jane Nelson for comptroller?

Bugging Out

Jan 1, 1996 By Joe Nick Patoski

Farmers in the Rio Grande Valley are reeling from last year’s crop disaster—and they don’t cotton to agriculture commissioner Rick Perry’s excuses.


Aug 31, 1995 By Helen Thorpe

Roberts County landowners are battling to save the Ogallala Aquifer—;and what remains of heir agrarian past.

Refinery Woe

Apr 30, 1995 By Skip Hollandsworth

Citizens groups in Corpus Christi blame pollution for high cance rates—but they must prove it.

Sea Change

Nov 1, 1994 By Joe Nick Patoski

Unchecked growth of microscopic algae has muddied the water—and threatened the future—of Laguna Madre.

Homing Instinct

Jan 1, 1994 By janegrandolfo

How a Texas oil company took a mountain of coastal muck and created a cozy abode for whooping cranes.

King Fish

Jul 31, 1993 By Sheri Fowler

One of the world’s magnificent game fish, tarpon are back in Texas waters. Can we keep them from disappearing again?

Cat Fight

May 31, 1993 By Christine Carroll

When mountain lions started turning up, the Sierra Club said, “Save them!„ Ranchers said, “No way!„

Sludge Happens

Dec 1, 1992 By Patricia Sharpe

New York sludge is being spread across West Texas. Opponents insist it’s evil filth; others say the smell means jobs.

Bear With Me

Dec 1, 1991 By Gary Cartwright

Black bears have returned to Big Bend National Park, and our author is determined to find one.

Road Warriors

Mar 1, 1991 By Robert Bryce

Texans used to litter like crazy; now the state’s get-tough-on-trash policy is cleaning up their act.

One Tough Bird

May 31, 1990 By Robert Bryce

After rescuing hundreds of birds from horrible deaths, a Midland woman has finally gained an ally in her war on open oil pits.

A Dirty, Rotten Mess

Feb 1, 1989 By Emily Yoffe

Every day each of us contributes five pounds to the growing mountain of garbage. Now the mountain looks like a volcano that’s threatening to erupt.

Spot Market

Feb 1, 1989 By Christine Carroll

Ranchers hate bobcats. Trappers love their pelts. Both parties have found that there’s more than one reason to skin a cat.

Trashy Business

Nov 1, 1984 By Alison Cook

When Houston’s rich and powerful join forces with environmentalists to battle big corporations, they can be fighting over only one thing. Garbarge.

Dust to Dust

Sep 30, 1984 By Suzanne Winckler

The cattle are dying, the grass is gone, the ranchers are selling their land. The center of Texas is in a drought that may be the worst in a hundred years.

Dead Oaks

Sep 30, 1984 By John Graves

Texas’ beloved live oaks are falling victim to a creeping fungus, and no one knows how to stop it.

Terminal Case

Jan 1, 1980 By Tom Curtis

Galveston has withstood tidal waves, hurricanes, gamblers, and tourists. Can it survive a superport?

The Big Thicket Tangle

Jun 30, 1973 By Al Reinert

Take 3 million acres, add politicians, lumber companies and Time, Inc., and what have you got? A very small park, or no park at all.