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March 3, 2015

Saginaw ISD Placed an Assistant Principal on Leave for Experiencing Uterine Bleeding

The school district claimed in a letter that they believed that the bleeding incidents were caused by “severe anxiety;” the woman and her doctor have documentation showing that it was an emergency stemming from a problem with her IUD. But should it even matter what exactly caused her medical emergency? 

January 8, 2015

Where Does HB2 Stand Now?

The controversial abortion law is still not fully in effect—but with the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals hearing arguments this week, it’s final fate gets closer. 

The Daily Post|
October 8, 2014

What’s Next For Abortion In Texas?

After the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals overturned the injunction issued by a lower court, access to abortion services in Texas are limited to a handful of clinics in just the four largest cities in the state. Is this the new normal? 

July 10, 2014

Cosmo Sends A Reporter To Texas To Declare That Texas Is The Worst

Cosmo reporter Jill Filipovic came to Texas to ask people about abortion, found that some people were uncomfortable talking with a stranger about their private medical and sexual history, and declared that we had "created a culture of shame and silence." 

March 27, 2014

Greg Abbott Enters Fray in Lawsuits Involving “Sociopath” Doctor

The story of Dr. Christopher Duntsch—the North Texas neurosurgeon responsible for the death of two patients and the paralysis of four others—saw an interesting twist this week when the current Attorney General and gubernatorial hopeful used his office to intervene in three lawsuits against the hospital that allowed him to

February 6, 2014

Who Has To Pay Marlise Munoz’s Medical Bills?

After winning the legal fight to have his brain-dead wife removed from life support, Erick Munoz may find himself gearing up for yet another battle in the courts—this time over who has to foot the bill for the hospital's actions. 

The Daily Post|
January 14, 2014

Everything About the Arian Foster Lawsuit Is Pretty Terrible

Brittany Norwood, a twenty-year-old undergrad at the University of Houston who claims she is pregnant with the Texans' running back's baby, is taking him to court in pursuit of a restraining order and accusing him of pressuring her to have an abortion. 

Politics & Policy|
November 21, 2013

The Closest Clinic To Most Texans That Offers Abortions After 20 Weeks Is Staying Open

Pro-choice activists haven't had much to celebrate during a particularly rough past several months, as legislatures in Texas and around the country have voted to restrict abortion access. But last night in Albuquerque, they scored a win. 

The Daily Post|
November 1, 2013

The Latest On HB2

Last night, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 5th Circuit granted an emergency motion to stay the injunction against HB2. Here's what that means in non-legalese. 

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