Web Exclusive |
November 1, 2004

Court Reporter

Senior editor Michael Hall talks about Ernest Willis, who was recently freed from death row, and the super-conservative Texas Court of Criminal Appeals.

Cartwright's Texas |
February 1, 2004

The Verdict

Getting Robert Durst acquitted might be too tall an order for most lawyers, but for Dick DeGuerin, it was just another day at the office.

Cartwright's Texas |
January 1, 2003

The Idealist

If you're wondering why trial lawyers were once regarded as heroes rather than pariahs, let me tell you about my friend Warren Burnett, the late, great champion of little guys and lost causes.

Web Exclusive |
December 1, 2002

State Fairness

Senior Texas Monthly editor Michael Hall tells the story behind his article, "Death Isn't Fair."

Law |
April 1, 2002

I, the Juror

As a "recovering" attorney with a mixed record at picking juries, I always wondered what made them tick. After receiving a summons this year, I'm still deliberating.

The Culture |
February 1, 2002

Which Side of the Fence Are You On?

All over Texas, ranchers are putting up eight-foot fences to keep their deer from roaming so they can charge more for hunting leases. Purists say shooting such deer doesn't amount to "fair chase." Biologists say penning them in causes disease. I say it's the best thing that could happen to

Law |
July 31, 2001

The Judge, Judged

Corpus Christi's Manuel Bañales believes that some sex offenders should post warning signs in their yards. He says it's about good law; his critics say it's about good publicity.

Politics & Policy |
April 1, 2001

The Battle for the Border

In Maverick County illegal immigrants are crossing in record numbers, creating a war zone. Mexicans have been shot and killed, houses robbed, cattle stolen. Some ranchers are fleeing. But others, like Dob Cunningham, have decided to stay and fight.

Criminal Justice |
July 31, 2000

Free Greg Ott!

Twenty-two years ago a Texas Ranger was shot and killed during a drug raid on the home of Greg Ott, a philosophy graduate student. Even today, no one really knows what happened on that tragic night.

Politics & Policy |
November 1, 1998

More Precious Than Oil

To the astonishment of water owners and users across Texas, the state Supreme Court has agreed to hear a challenge to the rule of capture, the basis of all Texas underground water law. This much-criticized doctrine allows landowners to pump as much underground water as they want, even if the

Law |
November 1, 1997

Outlaw Blues

She subdues bail jumpers with a modem and her strong right arm: Meet Janis McCollom, one of Houston’s best bounty hunters.

Politics & Policy |
January 1, 1997

The Honeymoon Is Over

In the last legislative session, George W. Bush’s moderate program won over Bob Bullock, Pete Laney, and other top Democrats. But this time, Bush’s agenda is more partisan, and Republicans are measuring his presidential potential—so Texas politics is going to get ugly.

Law |
December 1, 1996

Kaiser on a Roll

Nothing can stop Sheriff Frances Kaiser: not cancer, not grisly murder cases, and certainly not the good old boys of Kerr County.

Roar of the Crowd |
June 30, 1996

Jailhouse Crock

The Texas prison mess gets messier. Plus: Taking up arms in defense of the B-1 bomber.

Behind the Lines |
May 31, 1996

The Tort Tax

No high diving boards at public pools. No cameras in operating rooms. All this and more, thanks to lawyers.

Feature |
April 30, 1996

The Great Texas Prison Mess

Something stinks in the Department of Criminal Justice, and it’s a lot more than VitaPro. A special report on the worst state scandal in decades.

State Secrets |
November 1, 1995

Cop Crisis

Are Texas cops as bad as Mark Huhrman? Ples: Why your cara rental rates are being driven up.

Politics & Policy |
November 1, 1995

Hype or Hero?

He’s won the support o Mexican Americans in El Paso; now he wants to win a seat in Congress. Is Silvestre Reyes’ attack on illegal immigration heroism or hype?

Reporter |
June 30, 1995

Tiger’s Beat

An Austin attorney tears into the government’s case against a suspect in the Oklahoma City bombing.