Profile |
April 30, 1995

Spooking the CIA

Jennifer Harbury’s career as a lawyer in Texas was the prelude to her front-page fight with the U.S. intelligence community.

Business |
April 30, 1995

Are Texans Gun Crazy?

During the first week of April, as the Legislature considered the case for concealed weapons, Texas mourned the consequences of two gun-related tragedies in Corpus Christi: the murder of Tejano superstar Selena Quintanilla Perez and the shooting of five workers at a refinery inspection company by a disgruntled

Law |
February 1, 1995

Crossing the Bar

There ought to be a law against the Texas bar exam. It’s irrelevant, illogical and just plain nutty.

Law |
December 1, 1994

Best-Case Scenario

To win a high-profile these days, you need to hire a jury consultant. Galveston's Robert Hirschhorn is one of the best.

Law |
February 1, 1994

The Deadly DA

Without regrets, Harris County district attorney Johnny Holmes puts more criminals on death row than any U.S. lawman.

Law |
April 30, 1992

Courting Costs

When millionaire tennis star Martina Navratilova and her lover went to court, it was the lawyers who won.

Law |
April 1, 1991

Up to Speed

The highway patrol unveils a new secret weapon in its war against unrepentant speeders.

Law |
March 1, 1991

Pen Pal

A prisoner’s efforts at legal aid for fellow inmates could right wrongs—but is it good strategy to threaten a judge?

Business |
November 1, 1973

Empires of Paper

A law firm of almost 200 attorneys becomes an institution with massive power and life of its own. Three such firms are in Texas, including two of the four largest in the U.S. We open them, for the first time, to the public.