Grand Hotels

Apr 30, 1977 By Linda Eckhardt

You won’t find Greta Garbo at these classic establishments, but some things that happen there are straight out of a movie.


Mar 1, 1977 By Alan Waldman

Everybody makes mistakes, but mistakes in the medical profession leave scars on everybody.

Little Big Man

Jan 1, 1977 By Griffin Smith Jr.

Is it worth being a United States senator when you’­re on the losing side all the time? Ask John Tower.

In the Bin

Dec 1, 1976 By Edward Snow

A schizophrenic’s own story of his tour through asylums from Bellevue to Texas.


Dec 1, 1976 By Gary Cartwright

The life and times of Candy Barr—the woman who made headlines by always being in the wrong place at the right time.

Busting Out of Mexico

Aug 31, 1976 By Jan Reid

Two self-styled Texas soldiers of fortune engineered one of the more bizarre jailbreaks in history. Here’s how it happened.

The Great Airline War

Dec 1, 1975 By James Fallows

Will Texas International Airlines's “whiz kids” fizzle?! Will sexy Southwest conquer all?! Will Braniff lose its routes?!