Inside Out

Apr 19, 2017 By Pamela Colloff

A group of young activists reclaim the language and words that have been used to define them.

Farewell to a Fond Friend

Jan 27, 2017 By Mimi Swartz

Executive editor Mimi Swartz says goodbye to Tom Curtis, a writer, reporter, and former Texas Monthly contributor, who died earlier this week.

dan rather
Central Intelligence

Jan 13, 2017 By Pamela Colloff

During the 2016 presidential campaign, much of the mainstream media failed to understand voters in Middle America. Not Dan Rather. His early recognition of Trump’s viability, and a late embrace of social media, has made the 85-year-old Wharton native more relevant than ever.

Bane of the Baptists

Jun 13, 2016 By Gary Cleve Wilson

Brann becomes a casualty in his own war with the Baptists. Texas Collection of Baylor University “In the year of our Lord, 1891, I became pregnant with an idea. Being at the time chief edi­torial writer on the Houston Post, I felt dreadfully mor­tified, as…

Making a Mural

Feb 19, 2016 By Brian D. Sweany

How do you depict the "new Austin" on a magazine cover? By painting a mural on South Congress and photographing it, of course.