Rating the Major Dailies

May 31, 1974 By Texas Monthly

Choosing the best features of Texas newspapers is a thankless job, hard on the spirit, and difficult for all the wrong reasons.

Deadline in Dallas

May 31, 1974 By Griffin Smith Jr.

One Dallas paper clings tightly to tradition while the other, with a new editor, looks for something to cling to of its own.

Dallas Radio Goes Public

Apr 30, 1974 By Richard West

Beginning at the end of May or early June, Dallasites will have a new and unique radio station. KERA-FM, 90.1 on the dial, will be the city’s first public radio outlet and will provide a welcome relief from the inane, shrill banter of jingles and jive from the top-40 jocks…

NBC Moves Uptown

Apr 30, 1974 By Richard West

Now that the Skylab space project is finished, NBC has moved from its cubicle at the Nassau Motor Hotel across from NASA to new offices at 4615 Southwest Freeway. They are only ten minutes from their affiliate station, KPRC-TV, where they can use Channel 2’s nine projectors, eight videotape machines,…

The Best Worst TV in Texas

Jan 31, 1974 By Gregory Curtis

Fires, murders, robberies, assaults, highway accidents: they happen every day in the city, and what happens every day is big news on San Antonio TV.