Bentsen–Rio Grande

May 31, 2011 By Charlie Llewellin

Where it is: 2800 S. Bentsen Palm Dr., MissionWhat you’ll do: Look at birds. Eat. Look at birds. Sleep. Look at birdsWhere you’ll sleep: Book a spot at a local RV parkWhat you’ll learn: Chachalacas are named for their call, a rowdy cha-cha-lac We imagine that a…

Stuck Truck

Jan 1, 2011 By Rick Bass

The mud was deep and wet and cold and there was nothing to do but dig. And dig. And dig.

Mike Wheat, Game Warden

Oct 31, 2010 By Texas Monthly

Wheat was born in Pasadena and grew up near Cuero. After graduating from college and the Texas Game Warden Training Center, he was stationed in Tyler County for five years before transferring to Ochiltree and Hansford counties in 1996. He lives in Perryton. I credit my dad with my love…

Fish Story

Aug 31, 2010 By Rick Bass

One more trip—would it be the last?—to Toledo Bend Reservoir with my dad.

Port Aransas Waves Hello

Jul 31, 2010 By Jordan Breal

In Port Aransas, idleness is next to godliness for those on vacation. In this unpretentious village on the northern tip of Mustang Island your most exacting task—picking out the perfect spot on the beach—will also be the most rewarding. Who cares if the sand isn’t pristine (this is Texas,…

Hill Country Map Quest

Jul 31, 2010 By Jordan Breal

When it comes to choosing a getaway, the Hill Country doesn’t have to campaign hard for our affections. Its lush expanses of bounding green hills and serpentine rivers stretch over some 25 of the most idyllic counties in the state. And those picturesque towns that cling proudly to their…

On the Road—Westbound and Down

Jul 31, 2010 By John Spong

Most vacations in Texas mean filling up the gas tank and logging long hours on the highway. Yet whether it’s a classic buddy trip or a full-blown family vacation, the charms of the open road remain. May it always be so.

How to Windsurf

Jun 30, 2010 By Andrea Valdez

The Laguna Madre, near Corpus Christi’s Padre Island National Seashore, is known as one of the nation’s best windsurfing sites because of its shallow waters and consistent breeze. It’s also a perfect spot for beginners, says Angela Hurley, an instructor for Worldwinds, a local windsurf shop. “With good instruction, the…

Saving the Llano

Apr 30, 2010 By Charlie Llewellin

What's missing from all the bureaucratic back and forth over permits and mining and dredging is a sense of the importance of the river itself.

Mystic Rivers

Apr 30, 2010 By Sarah Collins

Where does the Pecos River originate? How long is the Devils River? What river in Texas is used to cool nuclear reactors? Everything you wanted to know about some of our state's waterways.

San Marcos River

Apr 30, 2010 By Texas Monthly

Watch out for sunken logs and fallen trees, which rest in the river like sleeping monsters in tangle of smaller deadwood.

How to Pack a Cooler Tube

Jun 30, 2009 By Andrea Valdez

Some things never change, like the irrepressible desire to float a Hill Country river on a 100-degree day—with, most naturally, a cooler of beer. And while the basic art of loading one’s booze boat also remains the same (use a separate inner tube with a bottom, pump it with extra…

Bill Applegate, Trapper

Oct 31, 2008 By Texas Monthly

Applegate was raised near El Paso. He is a full-time predator-control trapper on ranches in Big Bend. For the past ten years, he has served as the president of the Texas Trappers and Fur Hunters Association. He lives in Marfa. When I was eight years old, I was in my…

Springs Eternal

Jul 31, 2008 By Charlie Llewellin

Grab your towel, your sunscreen, and go! Presenting our 25 favorite swimming holes: Barton Springs, Blue Hole, Balmorhea, and other iconic places to lower your core temperature. At least for a couple of hours.

Kevin Hutchison, Fly-fishing Guide

Jun 30, 2008 By Texas Monthly

Hutchison, standing, owns Hill Country Flyfishers and is the fly-fishing manager at Sportsman’s Finest, in Austin, where he has lived for twenty-plus years. He guides more than one hundred trips a year, helping clients catch a variety of bass, trout, and perch. Fly-fishing in Texas is underappreciated. When people think…

The Old Man and the River

Oct 31, 2007 By S. C. Gwynne

Fifty years after the mythical trip on the Brazos that was the basis for John Graves’s classic book, I followed in his wake. Literally.

Water, Water Everywhere

May 31, 2006 By Brian D. Sweany

From kayaking on Town Lake to mountain biking around Joe Pool Lake, from bass fishing on Lake Fork to horseback riding on the shores of Lake Whitney, here are some of our favorite things to do in, on, and around Texas lakes.


Apr 30, 2006 By Patricia Sharpe

At the Houston Museum of Natural Science, butterflies are free (sort of).

The Man In the White Hat

Feb 1, 2006 By John Spong

To hear John Poindexter tell it, he’s one of the good guys—a faithful steward of his West Texas land and therefore a worthy bidder for 46,000 acres of Big Bend Ranch State Park. But sometimes having your heart in the right place simply isn’t enough.

Pedal Pushers

Sep 30, 2005 By Ryan Vogt

Contributing photographer Wyatt McSpadden, who shot this month’s feature “Tour de Texas,” describes how a plum assignment became a poignant father-son journey.

Cave Clan

Jun 30, 2004 By Lori Fradkin

As Natural Bridge Caverns celebrates forty years since its dedication, its patron family looks back on three generations of cave life.

On the Fly

Mar 1, 2004 By Stayton Bonner

Who needs Colorado when the Guadalupe River is so close—and so full of rainbow trout.

Happy Campers

Mar 1, 2004 By Texas Monthly

Suzy Banks, Stacy Hollister, and Charlie Llewellin discuss this month's cover story, "This Land Is Your Land."

Call of the Wild

Mar 1, 2004 By S. C. Gwynne

Seven images and captions—from the campsite to the view from the rim—show how executive editor S. C. "Sam" Gwynne spent seven days alone on the Solitario.

Conversations With a Grasshopper

Mar 1, 2004 By S. C. Gwynne

To experience the majesty and peril of the desert on my own terms, I spent a week alone in the Solitario, the most remote area of Big Bend Ranch State Park. I confronted my darkest fears—and made small talk with an insect.

Arrested Development

Feb 1, 2004 By Charlie Llewellin

The flat-as-a-mouse-pad landscape bordering the Laguna Madre contains one of the greatest wildlife-viewing regions in North America—and that's not all.

Saving Cupid

Nov 1, 2003 By Gary Cartwright

Every year, at least two hundred sea mammals get stranded on Texas beaches. This is the story of one of them, a 199-pound dolphin with a neurological disorder, a sardonic grin, and a willingness to swim with yours truly.

One Hump or Two?

Nov 1, 2003 By Charlie Llewellin

Riding a camel across the West Texas sand dunes, I got in touch with my inner O'Toole— and left the modern world far behind.

Holy Trinity

Sep 30, 2003 By Gary Cartwright

When I was growing up in Arlington, the upper Trinity River was a dirty joke—and it still is. But the lower Trinity? You've got to see it to believe it.

Happy Trails

Aug 31, 2003 By Stacy Hollister

Until I went biking at Caprock Canyons State Park and Trailway, I had never heard of the little town of Quitaque, where life is slow and people like it that way.

Surfer Dude

Jul 31, 2003 By Anna Lauzon

Kenny Braun talks about waves, waterproof cameras, and the perfect picture.

Making Waves

Jul 31, 2003 By Katy Vine

Photographer Kenny Braun has been surfing the Gulf Coast for about thirty years. So naturally, when the water's just right, he grabs his . . . camera.

Head for the Hills

Apr 1, 2003 By Suzy Banks

A friendly bar in Johnson City, a grand old opry in Mason, a cabin with a view of the Sabinal Canyon, and 22 other things I love about the Hill Country.

Ride On

Apr 1, 2003 By Charlie Llewellin

To the long list of reasons to visit Fort Worth these days, add this: outstanding bike trails.

Cast Away

Jan 1, 2003 By Charlie Llewellin

There are rivers in Texas—some of the most beautiful places on earth—where the fly-fishing is great and you don't have to battle the crowds. Now, tell me again why I should vacation in Montana?

Place in the Heart

Nov 1, 1999 By Kathryn Jones

When you fall in love with a piece of land in Texas, you quickly learn that it changes. And it changes you.