Band Notes

Sep 30, 1999 By Texas Monthly

They’ve Got It Covered Five songs played by marching bands this year: • “1999” • “Livin’ La Vida Loca” • “Theme from Wild Wild West” • “American Woman” • “Jump Jive An’ Wail” He’s With the Band In 24 years as the band director at…

Hey, Coach

Sep 30, 1999 By Texas Monthly

Coach Couture Coaches still prefer shorts from time to time, but long pants are suddenly in fashion. The 10,600 coaches who attended this year’s coaching convention in Fort Worth were all dressed in polo shirts of varying hues, khaki, and loafers (tassels optional). What Every Coach Wants for Christmas End-zone…


Sep 30, 1999 By Texas Monthly

What’s the deal with the UIL? Headquartered in Austin and operated under the auspices of the University of Texas, the University Interscholastic League is the governing body that oversees 64 extracurricular activities in Texas public schools, including football, which it has been regulating since 1920. UIL officials follow the National…

Hey, Dude

Sep 30, 1999 By Suzy Banks

You might be bunking in a room that would give Martha Stewart seizures, but at these eleven guest ranches you can saddle up and get in touch with your inner buckaroo.

Built for Speedy

Apr 30, 1999 By Eileen Schwartz

RICHARD SPEEDY wasn’t planning on working last January when he took his fifth trip to Mexico’s Copper Canyon, but he happened to be on the same trek as senior editor Joe Nick Patoski, who needed someone to document his crossing of the vast and brutal expanse (see “Let’s Get…


Apr 1, 1998 By gordongrice

Nothing riles a Texan like a rattlesnake, whose aggression and toxicity account for endless horror stories. Some of them are even true.

Their Bloomers Are Showing

Mar 1, 1998 By Texas Monthly

HUMBLE Mercer Arboretum, 22306 Aldine Westfield (281-443-8731). A staffer says the arboretum’s three-year-old plantings of dozens of old roses have generated a lot of interest because they’re “ten feet tall and bulletproof.” But not deerproof, which is why you’ll find the roses protected behind fences. Open daily 8 to…

Rose Buds

Mar 1, 1998 By Texas Monthly

The people in love with old roses are often as interesting as the roses themselves. They can help with identification, propagation, and locating small, specialty nurseries in your area that sell old roses. DALLAS AREA HISTORICAL ROSE GROUP, P. O. Box 38585, Dallas 75238. For $15 a year, you get…

Ramblin’ Roses

Mar 1, 1998 By Suzy Banks

Texans are rediscovering antique roses, the hardy, neglected beauties that decorate old graveyards and abandoned houses across the state. Whether you buy them from a nursery or rustle cuttings from the wild, here�s the dirt on how to grow your own.

The Real West Texas

Sep 30, 1997 By Paul Burka

High peaks, scant rain, and hardpan soil—but also high art, hip hotels, and a new telescope that’s a star in its own right: Snapshots from a remote region of our state unlike anyplace else on earth.

Grand Canyons

Jul 31, 1997 By Joe Nick Patoski

Hiking, biking, and nighttime weather to your liking make the Palo Duro and Caprock canyons a cool summer getaway.

Shooting Blanks

Dec 1, 1996 By Gary Cartwright

The Texas Parks and Wildlife Department aims to please hunters and birders alike. So why is everyone gunning for it?

Grand Parent

Nov 1, 1996 By Anne Dingus

Nature photography is just part of Laurence Parent’s nature. The 37-year-old Austin-area resident, who took the pictures that accompany this month’s article on Hueco Tanks State Historical Park (“Social Climbers”), has long been known for his landscape work, from wildflower close-ups to desert vistas. “My father was in the…

Social Climbers

Nov 1, 1996 By Helen Thorpe

This month, a ragtag group of wanderers will descend on Hueco Tanks state park in West Texas, where they’ll spend their nights hanging out and their days hanging on to the most challenging boulders around.

Gila Hell

Nov 1, 1993 By Gary Cartwright

This will be our routine, I’m sorry to report. Very early every morning, at an hour when the Mogollon Mountains are still velvety silhouettes against the star-smeared sky and the predawn tranquility of the Gila Wilderness has swallowed us into the deepest valley of our dreams, we will be…

Cat Fight

May 31, 1993 By Christine Carroll

When mountain lions started turning up, the Sierra Club said, “Save them!„ Ranchers said, “No way!„

The Lake No One Knows

Nov 1, 1992 By Dana Rubin

From longtime locals to environmentalists, everyone has an opinion about the future of Caddo Lake—but the issues they’re debating are as murky as the lake itself.

So Cool

Jul 31, 1992 By Helen Thompson

A summer guide to the coolest place in Texas: the Davis Mountains.


Aug 31, 1977 By John Graves

The raw truth about out steaks and chops.

Good as Gold

Apr 1, 1977 By John Graves

For most treasure hunters, the hunt is more important than the treasure.


Feb 1, 1977 By John Graves

Living in the country is all you ever wanted—and probably more than you bargained for.

Why Climb Guadalupe Peak?

Dec 31, 1969 By sammartin

The dying November sun glistens off the tight plastic packaging around our Earl Campbell’s Hot Links. My companions Heinrich and Jack are busy re-staking the tents in the midst of a growling wind while I prepare a pre-expedition delicacy of sausage wraps and beans, the wholesome meal that will…

So Cool

Dec 31, 1969 By Helen Thompson

How to eat easy, play hard, and sleep well in the Davis mountains.

Head for the Hills

Dec 31, 1969 By Stephen Harrigan and Suzy Banks

A grand old opry in Mason, a homestyle bakery in Llano, a cabin with a view of the Sabinal Canyon, and sixteen other things I love about the Hill Country.