Power Shift?

Feb 1, 1976 By jamesfellows

Who is Kirkpatrick Sale and why is he saying all those terrible things about us?

Big Deal

Jan 1, 1976 By Paul Burka

Did the Sharpstown Scandal really make any difference?

The Runaround

Nov 1, 1975 By Mitch Green

The people of No Man‘s Land are wondering whether government really works.

Big Mamas

Sep 30, 1975 By Al Reinert

Two women—one a conservative Republican, the other a liberal Democrat—are the best politicians in Houston.

You Be the Judge

Jul 31, 1975 By Harry Hurt III

The battles in John Connally’s trial were fought before the jury, but the war may have been won offstage.

Connally Stumps Ohio

Apr 30, 1974 By Richard West

From former Dallas Times Herald reporter Tracey Smith comes this report of former governor John Connally on the banquet circuit in Bowling Green, Ohio. Smith is a Kiplinger Journalism Fellow at Ohio State University. Like other converts to a new faith, John B. Connally has become rabidly dogmatic in professing…

Ross Perot: A Hero for Our Time

Mar 31, 1974 By Bill Porterfield

I see Ross Perot as a throwback, a distinct cousin to two types of 19th century mythical American heroes. In his deeds, Perot is as gargantuan—as wonderful and awful and ridiculous—as Davy Crockett. In his idealisms, Perot would fashion himself, and the rest of us, after one of the proper…

Behind the Lines

Mar 31, 1974 By William Broyles

We Texans have always seemed to drive more, and farther, and for perhaps stranger reasons, than just about anyone else. Young people in the bleak and monotonous landscapes of West and North Texas grew up accustomed to endless, aimless rides around the countryside and to regular trips into the cities…