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March 23, 2015

Texas History in 601 Words

The story of Texas can be reduced to one sentence: somebody has something somebody else wants and will put up a fight to get.In the beginning, these fights were over land. The Spanish explorers came here in the 1500’s; ignoring native peoples, they claimed a vast region that included

The Daily Post|
January 8, 2015

Does “Selma” Get LBJ Wrong?

The Golden Globe-nominated film about the Civil Rights Movement is the subject of some unexpected controversy regarding its depiction of the relationship between Martin Luther King and President Lyndon Johnson.

Texas History|
May 9, 2014

Spanish Gauntlet

Faced with the realities of a rugged land, a band of sixteenth-century explorers left behind their dreams of conquest, as well as this chain mail glove.

News & Politics|
November 19, 2013

Bipolar Order

Contrary to what the national media would have you believe, Texas is not politically monochromatic. It is, and always has been, a state with two minds.

Texas History|
October 23, 2013

Robert L. Wood’s Letter to Jackie Kennedy

November 22, 1963Mrs. John F. KennedyWHITE HOUSEWashington, D.C.My dear Mrs. Kennedy:I have never before written to a Congressman, President or any type of Statesman. In fact, in my thirty some years of living I have never DONE MUCH OF ANYTHING, except vote, toward being an American or making this Country

Texas History|
October 23, 2013

Monroe Young’s Letter to Jackie Kennedy

December 1, 1963in 1962 September 23,Some mean man killed my dady too-Here in Dallas-my dady was a soldrerSanda Clause diden get my letteri hope he will get my letteri wont a bicycle—When you write him- tell him my name.Monroe Young Jr. III1838 Nomas StreetDallas, Tex.Read another letter to the first

Texas History|
October 23, 2013

Eileen Mitchell’s Letter to Jackie Kennedy

1:10 pmNov. 22, 1963From a student of North Texas State UniversityThe radio sat in the window of the second floor dorm window blaring out the sad news that our President had been shot! People walking around in twos and threes stopped their happy chattering and stood silently on the street,

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