College Station

First Watch

Jan 23, 2020 By Texas Monthly

From the classic to the eclectic, brunch dishes at First Watch offer something for everyone.


Sep 18, 2019 By Texas Monthly

This cosmopolitan steakhouse is but a stone’s throw from Texas A&M.

40 Tempura

Jul 26, 2017 By Texas Monthly

With a plethora of sushi restaurants in this college town, it’s hard to stand out. But 40 Tempura has managed to do just that. Located in a shopping center that was once a restaurant graveyard, this “outskirts area” eatery is now anything but. Soft music and subdued lighting make for…

Atami Steak & Sushi

Dec 5, 2016 By Texas Monthly

Hibachi dining was once a novelty reserved for special occasions. While such spots are plentiful today, the challenge now is making sure the food is equal to the theatrics. Our dinner at Atami delivered on both counts. While on the pricey side (the same fare at lunch is half-off), our…

Ohana Korean Grill

Nov 16, 2016 By Texas Monthly

Tucked away in a revitalized shopping area, this small eatery was kept alive by loyal customers at a time when neighboring restaurants were closing. Although the restaurant no longer has to try so hard, the friendly staff, calm atmosphere, and fantastic food remain. Ohana offers traditional Korean fare, from yukgaejang…

Veritas Wine & Bistro

Jun 7, 2016 By Texas Monthly

In its early days, Veritas offered tapas-style fare refreshingly unique to the Bryan–College Station area. But its menu has gradually evolved, with dishes now resembling the area’s other upscale dining spots (though the cosmopolitan atmosphere and vast wine selection have fortunately remained the same). The food is hit-and-miss: our filet…

Mad Taco

Aug 24, 2015 By Texas Monthly

The wildly popular Mad Taco is the brainchild of Peter Madden (of Casual Gourmet), and while many of the fillings might seem familiar (braised pork, carne guisada), he differentiates his offerings with his own “tamale bread” tortilla. The result is a zesty, soft, corn-y foundation you’ll also find, in thinner,…


Jan 14, 2014 By Daniel Vaughn

Their crisp smoked chicken thighs have a salty crunch of the skin that is addictive, and the moist meat beneath is incredible.