The Heights

Nov 17, 2016 By Texas Monthly

This casual Lakewood gem is good all day, but it’s a great place to kick off your morning. The petite menu covers the basics, from bagels and migas to toasted-oatmeal granola pancakes served with caramel-apple syrup (the toasted oatmeal is scattered on top, adding a delightful crunch) and your choice…


Nov 16, 2016 By Texas Monthly

The colorful interior nicely offsets the beautiful plating of the food. Our delicate taste buds, traumatized from a previous visit, steered us away from the starred menu items (read “spicy”) toward fresh spring rolls packed full of shrimp and mango and an entrée of chicken curry with multihued bell peppers…

Fish City Grill

Nov 16, 2016 By Texas Monthly

Everyone flocks to this casual spot for creative takes on old favorites, like a brunchy crab cake with a slice of grilled tomato, two poached eggs, and an orange béarnaise, and well-rendered classics like gumbo, here a quintessential combo of shrimp, chicken, and andouille sausage in a dark roux. Don’t…

Village Burger Bar

Oct 4, 2016 By Courtney Bond

As the menu says, “tailor it your way” with one of the Bespoke Burgers, which can be either beef-and-turkey or chicken breast lovingly lavished with your choice of a variety of cheeses, sauces (garlic aioli is our favorite), and toppings. The Double Sweet Potato Fries with cinnamon and local honey…

Woodlands American Grill

Oct 3, 2016 By Texas Monthly

A member of our party would not begin her meal until she had her fix of soup: creamy braised mushrooms with goat cheese crostini. And although we usually skip lunch salads, we were gently pushed in the direction of ordering a complex mix of macadamia-and-citrus-crusted cedar-plank salmon piled atop a…

East Hampton Sandwich Co.

Oct 3, 2016 By Texas Monthly

The soothing gray interior and white shutters of this small spot are transporting. If only there were a view of the ocean. For those of you who must have your lobster roll (and they are quite pricey these days), the chunks of knuckle and claw meat mixed with aioli, lemon,…

Becks Prime

Sep 27, 2016 By Texas Monthly

Hamburger joints abound in Dallas, but when you’re in the mood for just a plain, good burger, nothing fancy, head over here. The smell of sizzling beef tempts from the parking lot, and the meat patty is fairly thick and smoked, the bun is fluffy, and the garnishes abound (we…

Scalini’s Pizza & Pasta

Sep 27, 2016 By Texas Monthly

One of our favorites at this Lakewood haunt, the All the Way pizza—sausage, salami, mushrooms, black olives, green onions, and green peppers on a deceptively strong, thin crust—has to be one of the best versions around. The shrimp scampi over linguine, particularly enjoyed in the back room while listening to…


Sep 26, 2016 By Texas Monthly

The splashes of green that brightened this civilized room are gone, replaced by rather somber tones of gray and brown. But at least the food hasn’t changed. Extravagantly decadent was an appetizer of Texas goat cheese and elephant garlic baked into a luscious mess for spreading on small slices of…


Sep 26, 2016 By Texas Monthly

The cool elegance of the room, with its marble floors and draped windows, makes one almost forget the lingering Texas heat outside. Paratha suffused with mint was a refreshing treat, and a cool (in both senses of the word) appetizer was the dahi baray, six savory lentil dumplings napped with…

The Café at North Haven Gardens

Sep 12, 2016 By Texas Monthly

Once you’ve picked out your fall plantings, settle into a bright, airy room overlooking all the flora for sale for a satisfying light lunch. The menu has no more than a few items, but what’s there is very good. Hummus with toasted pita along with a caprese salad with a…

Dylan’s Barbeque Saloon

Sep 1, 2016 By Daniel Vaughn

Bryan Mahoney was a catering veteran with a barbecue itch. When Dylan Johnson, the co-owner of Milo’s Bar in Arlington, called about a potential partnership for a bar and barbecue joint in Dallas, Mahoney was in. They opened the doors to Dylan’s Barbeque Saloon in 2015, with Johnson running the bar…

Café de France

Aug 18, 2016 By Texas Monthly

The breakfast offerings at this charming place (a wall of mirrors, dark woods, lace curtains) are probably the lion’s share of items served; we are especially fond of the micro-thin crepes stuffed with ham and cheese. But we would be remiss if we didn’t tell you about a dinner entrée…

Al Biernat’s

Aug 18, 2016 By Texas Monthly

“Eclectic” best describes the atmosphere here, with the bare concrete floors, shuttered room dividers, and loud (sometimes too) music. Although the brunch here is legendary, lunch dishes like the Low Country shrimp and grits appeal too: grilled yet still succulent shrimp nestled in a bed of creamy grits flecked with…

AllGood Café

Aug 18, 2016 By Texas Monthly

Funky, funky, funky—we love this place, with its origami birds hanging from the ceiling and busts of Elvis and Beethoven. But we digress. We come for the food. Breakfast is available all day, and we highly recommend the Montado, an inspired tower of corn tortilla, grilled tenderloin, and huevos rancheros.

Stoneleigh P

Aug 16, 2016 By Texas Monthly

Like a welcome blast from the past, the juke box still plays Franz Liszt, Billie Holliday, and John Coltrane; the rather large magazine rack is full of good reading material; and the dim interior sports black booths, dark red tile floors, and the original black marble counter. And the food…

Norma’s Cafe

Aug 16, 2016 By Texas Monthly

Arriving on the cusp of breakfast and lunch, we went with an old-fashioned blue-plate special: a platter of Texas-style meat loaf, black-eyed peas, glazed carrots, mashed potatoes, and a big fluffy roll. The mile-high pies are spectacular; we’re particularly fond of the coconut cream. The service is friendly, and the…

Ku Sushi

Aug 4, 2016 By Texas Monthly

The dimly lit interior may feel serene, but this neighborhood spot buzzes with energy on the weekends, when friends and families fill the narrow room to feast on the likes of fresh yellowtail sushi, black cod with miso, and mochi, the fluffy marshmallow-like confections just the right size for a…


Jul 26, 2016 By Texas Monthly

Operating from a stylishly tiny stall in the Dallas Farmers Market, Laili serves “Silk Road–inspired” cuisine from a limited but well-curated menu. Expect kebabs, beef-stuffed mantoo topped with yogurt sauce, and bolani, a flatbread filled with vegetables. Thinking they kind of resembled fried pies, we had two of them, one…

One90 Smoked Meats

Jun 9, 2016 By Daniel Vaughn

At One90 you can try something new that’s not offered at most other barbecue joints, because it’s not a barbecue joint. It’s a smoked meat sandwich shop.


Jun 8, 2016 By Texas Monthly

This elegant two-story spot has some of the best seafood in town. Wickedly decadent was a small bowl of lobster bisque; it was like eating a bowl of savory whipped cream with good-sized pieces of lobster accented with a dollop of zingy fresh horseradish and goat cheese. Succulent broiled Scottish…


Jun 8, 2016 By Texas Monthly

The phrase “old school” comes to mind in describing this intimate dining spot tucked away in Preston Royal Shopping Center. Our caprese salad of tomatoes and tender slices of mozzarella had the added advantage of a generous scoop of that mouthwatering Italian relish called giardiniera, a mix of peppers, onions,…


Jun 8, 2016 By Texas Monthly

We’d be hard pressed to find a more Southern name, and the food follows suit here (as does the atmosphere, with a long veranda-like room, black-and-white-tiled floors, and lots of sunlight streaming through the windows). If you ever played tea party with a child, you’ll immediately identify with the small…

Bubba’s Cooks Country

Jun 8, 2016 By Texas Monthly

Waves of nostalgia swept over us when we settled into this retro diner decked out in red vinyl and chrome (there’s a wonderful patio too). But back to the food: the fried chicken here is spot-on and just the way we remember our grandmother cooking it. And the chicken-fried steak…

Uptown Pub

May 11, 2016 By Texas Monthly

Sometimes we just don’t feel like traipsing to the newest see-and-be-seen place in town, and that’s when we hit a place like this small house on a corner in Uptown, with its interior lighting of mainly neon beer signs and ancient wooden floors that slant and squeak. But be advised…

Hook Line & Sinker

May 11, 2016 By Texas Monthly

All we can say about the decor is that there’s an abundance of old outboard motors, cases full of fishing lures, and a big supply of paper towels. Generous chunks of avocado, onion, and tomato melded nicely in a refreshing shrimp cocktail with a pleasant afterburn. As for the fish,…

Gabriela & Sofia’s

May 11, 2016 By Texas Monthly

What to do when everything looks so good? Our solution is to order an appetizer platter, which gave smaller tastes of everything we happen to like: cheese quesadillas studded with colorful peppers, beef and chicken nachos with yellow cheese on crisp chips, a mini brisket chimichanga, and two small crunchy…

Kozy Kitchen

May 10, 2016 By Texas Monthly

“Grass-fed” is the key word here, and beef and buffalo options are plenteous. It’s a bare-minimum space, and what it lacks in sparkling decor is made up for by the food. We started with a 16-ounce glass of freshly squeezed orange-and-carrot juice that was just as invigorating as coffee. Although…

Dough Pizzeria Napoletana

May 10, 2016 By Texas Monthly

Nearly every table was taken and most of the clients were families. For our extended table, we ordered wild boar meatballs, fried calamari with marinara and lemon-garlic aioli sauces, and a salume platter of assorted Italian meats served with incredible toasted flatbreads. Even so, we still had room for classic…

Royal Thai

May 7, 2016 By Texas Monthly

Fresh orchids, authentic garb worn by servers, dark woods, and colorful art depicting pastoral river scenes—it all seems a bit like a set for The King and I. Six tulip dumplings (they did look a bit like emerging blooms) plump with pork, shrimp, and water chestnuts were a delicious appetizer.

The Front Room

Apr 20, 2016 By Texas Monthly

Conveniently located next to SMU, parents have a comfortable landing place while visiting their precious progeny. We can recommend a sharable starter of Louisiana barbecue shrimp, glazed in a sweetish sauce and draped over a cornbread salad with mustard greens. Larger appetites will want to go for either the cornmeal-crusted catfish…

Lakewood Smokehouse

Apr 6, 2016 By Texas Monthly

Lakewood has won the lottery with this addition to the scene. Brick, repurposed wood, and comfy booths make a laid-back atmosphere for meats like moist brisket and succulent pulled pork and sides such as fried okra (good), cabernet mushrooms (better), and a cheesy corn bake (best).

Back Home BBQ

Mar 23, 2016 By Daniel Vaughn

With a drive-thru and value pricing, this family-friendly joint serves up brisket that's better than it needs to be for the price.

Cedars Mediterranean Mezza & Grill

Feb 27, 2016 By Texas Monthly

Here you’ll find an array of dishes that are as beautiful as they are delicious: hummus, falafel, tabbouleh, dolmades, roasted cauliflower, moussaka, coriander potatoes—we drool just thinking about them. Beef, chicken, or lamb wrapped in warm pita is another crowd pleaser.

Resident Taqueria

Feb 3, 2016 By Texas Monthly

Residents of Lake Highlands have much to rejoice about in the opening of this appealingly bright gourmet taco spot. On a recent visit we sampled three: braised beef short ribs with onion, tomato confit, and chipotle crema; slow-cooked mushroom with slivers of poblano, Oaxaca cheese, and almond salsa; and (the…

TJ’s Seafood

Jan 25, 2016 By Texas Monthly

Definitely a fave with the locals, this long, narrow room clad in soothing gray and cream offers a pleasant respite for the lunch hour. We couldn’t resist the ceviche, a generous bowl of Costa Rican mahimahi with cilantro, fried corn, and a shot of jalapeño for extra kick. Creamy bacon…

Rafa’s Cafe Mexicano

Jan 25, 2016 By Texas Monthly

It’s like dining in a vaulted cave here, one where the list of tequilas is most impressive and the food is consistently good. We have a thing for the enchiladas, so an order of the Enchiladas Banderas—chicken with sour cream, beef with ranchera, and cheese with tomatillo—is a must. Beware…

Maple Leaf Diner

Dec 16, 2015 By Texas Monthly

“Bringing a little Canada to Texas” means, in this case, poutine, that addictive combination of fries, cheese curds, and gravy; after a half serving, we were ready to plow the back 40. The rest of the menu is decidedly American, with plenty of burgers, fried goodness, and specialties like cabbage…

Pink Magnolia

Dec 10, 2015 By Texas Monthly

A long mirror in this open, airy spot is painted with the declaration “Bacon, butter, and booze make everything better,” and nearly every menu item has one of the three in it. This new production from Blythe Beck and Casie Caldwell may not be for the faint of heart, but…

18th & Vine Barbeque

Dec 3, 2015 By Daniel Vaughn

18th & Vine Barbecue it is a restaurant where you can get good barbecue and take the picky in-laws who value reservations, a full bar, and a steak.

Coal Vines

Nov 20, 2015 By Texas Monthly

We went a little crazy on appetizers and ordered garlic bread with marinara, a seafood risotto cake with diavolo sauce, and meatballs with parsley and Parmesan, but we still had room for a thin-crusted sausage-and-roasted-pepper pizza. For a meatless alternative, the baked eggplant makes a splendid entrée.

Asian Mint

Nov 19, 2015 By Texas Monthly

Walls of a lively green hue hung with huge prints of herbs work well with the clean lines of this tucked-away spot in a strip mall across from Medical City Hospital. A sweet cucumber dipping sauce pairs well with five generous skewers of chicken satay, and the glass noodles with…


Oct 19, 2015 By Texas Monthly

Before spending an enjoyable day at Klyde Warren Park, fortify yourself with a Herculean breakfast (or lunch) at this pleasant space, with its blond woods and color palette of orange sherbet and blueberry. Although it took five minutes to read the mind-boggling list of choices, we decided on the West…


Oct 14, 2015 By Texas Monthly

Dear diners, enter this rather elegant room, with its fresh flowers, sedate sound levels, and oil portraits, with your taste buds poised for a treat. Confit, a very Gallic notion, of the duck sort came encased in crispy spring rolls; the zinger for this appetizer was the spritely apricot orange…


Oct 13, 2015 By Texas Monthly

We were quite taken with our shareable order of onion rings, both red and white, battered with chickpea flour and ornamented with a swath of piquillo pepper puree that had a gentle afterburn. Micro-thin veal, served Milanese style with a small arugula and heirloom tomato salad, was masterfully executed. Just…

Ida Claire

Oct 5, 2015 By Texas Monthly

Three walls of windows make for a sunny lunch at this über-casual spot. Imagine a salad of mache, pan-seared okra and brussels sprouts, red and gold peppers, and Haloumi cheese with tiny cubes of sweet benne wafers and herbed tahini dressing—it’s a knockout. Even more amazing were the crawfish ravioli…

El Bolero

Sep 24, 2015 By Texas Monthly

An interior that sparkles with cool blue tiles makes a pleasant space to sample entrées like Oaxacan pan-seared scallops, top-hatted with dabs of kicky chapulín salsa, alongside rice generously studded with chunks of fresh lobster. Or desserts like tres leches napolitano, an airy three-tiered wonder of moist cake, both chocolate…


Sep 24, 2015 By Texas Monthly

Village Baking Co., which supplies bread to many fine local restaurants, has opened a small sunny space, both casual cafe and bread market, on lowest Greenville. We were tempted by the array of breakfast croissants but went with a croque monsieur made with a slice of pain au levain (sourdough)…


Sep 24, 2015 By Texas Monthly

We’re not sure about how many locations this restaurant has occupied, but the new one has to be the best thus far. Sit on the attractive deck and order a platter of the unfortunately named Suicide Nachos: chicken, cheese, beans, beef, guacamole, and sour cream make a solid appetizer or…

Kuby’s Sausage House

Sep 21, 2015 By Texas Monthly

With cooler weather, our thoughts turn to the addictive, delectable red cabbage served at this venerable German restaurant, its walls adorned with hundreds of beer steins. And the corned beef and baby Swiss sandwich on rye bread. And the Black Forest cake with juicy cherries . . .