Fort Worth

La Zona

Feb 16, 2018 By Texas Monthly

Italy meets Spain in a hip cocktail lounge and coffee bar with satisfying tapas and pizza.


Feb 16, 2018 By Texas Monthly

Elevated renditions of Southern cooking soothe the soul.


Oct 12, 2017 By Texas Monthly

A fresh, modern interior showcases traditional Italian favorites.

Taco Heads

Jul 24, 2017 By Texas Monthly

Rare is the visit to this cheery hangout that we can get past the bowls of creamy queso, fresh guacamole, and salty, paper-thin chips. But we’re learning to offset that indulgence with new and welcome salad options. Owner-chef Sarah Castillo now turns each specialty taco on the menu into a…

Meso Maya

Jul 24, 2017 By Texas Monthly

A casual-chic addition to the Tanglewood neighborhood, Meso Maya trades in flavors from Oaxaca, Chiapas, and the Yucatan. Queso fundido proves the best sharing plate; spoon dollops of the hot Oaxaca and asadero cheeses, riddled with chiles and onion, into tender corn tortillas. The chile relleno experience is redefined by…

Istanbul Grill

Jul 17, 2017 By Texas Monthly

Sundance Square’s newest addition offers dishes that manage that magical balance of exquisite flavors and lovely appearance. The meze platter serves as a perfect survey of appetizers, with smoky-tart eggplant in the baba ghanoush; dill-wal- nut-infused yogurt in the haydari; and finely chopped tomato, cucumber, onion, and pomegranate in the…


May 22, 2017 By Texas Monthly

A taste of Mexico City arrives in town in the form of a bright, modern food court, nuevo mercado–style. The fast-casual presentation consists of multiple counters (this can be daunting at first) from which to order specialties such as tacos, enchiladas, tortas, fish dishes, rotisserie chicken, and aguas frescas. A…

NM Cafe

Apr 5, 2017 By Texas Monthly

Upstairs at the ultra-shiny new Neiman Marcus at Clearfork, this petite dining room replaces the former Zodiac concept. Bright and cheerful, the bistro is faithful to Helen Corbitt’s signatures, like the chicken consommé and the fluffy popover with strawberry butter. Modern delights, however, are not ignored: blackened-salmon tacos come filled…

Vickery Cafe

Mar 2, 2017 By Texas Monthly

Yes, you can get a fine plate of bacon and eggs, but this coffeeshop does so much more—and so well. Brined in-house, the corned beef with diced potatoes, peppers, and onions is the finest hash around, especially if topped with two over-easy eggs and accompanied with toasty challah bread. The…

Cattlemen’s Steak House

Mar 2, 2017 By Texas Monthly

Marking its seventieth year in business, this landmark beef emporium in the Stockyards National Historic District continues to woo visitors and please loyal patrons who have been making weekly visits for decades. The Heart O’ Texas ribeye and New York strip—chargrilled over a live fire in the dining room while…

The Tavern

Jan 26, 2017 By Texas Monthly

This Tanglewood-TCU hangout, which reminds us of an upscale diner, is quite possibly our most reliable go-to for impromptu dinner outings. We love to start with the fire-roasted artichokes, emanating wood-grilled flavor and augmented nicely with a creamy chipotle dipping sauce and charred lemon for squeezing. That wood richness also…

CLOSED – Flores Barbecue

Dec 15, 2016 By Daniel Vaughn

After drawing record crowds at his Whitney location (a TM Top 50 choice), Michael Wyont relocated to Cowtown and parked a beautiful new trailer near Mellow Johnny’s at the Trailhead at Clearfork. Sitting beside the Trinity River, the trailer wows its new audience with post oak–smoked brisket, ribs, house-made sausage,…

Mi Cocula

Oct 4, 2016 By Texas Monthly

Hidden in the back of a nondescript shopping center, this family operation surprises with equal doses of elegant food, careful execution, and spare but chic interior design. Each visit impresses more than the last, and we’ve yet to find a disappointment. A shrimp cocktail with generous slices of avocado atop…

HG Sply Co.

Oct 4, 2016 By Texas Monthly

An outpost of the popular Dallas original, this treasure trove of natural foods is a welcome addition. Those following vegan, paleo, gluten-free, and dairy-free diets find ample choices, as do omnivores. Ginger-garlic hummus served with a haystack of crisp crudités is an instant winner, as is the jumble of crispy…

Jazz Cafe

Aug 16, 2016 By Texas Monthly

Our favorite funky little cave epitomizes a neighborhood hangout. Long on quirky characters and big flavors, the dive has cultivated a loyal following for exceptional sandwiches like the Green Gobbler, piling thickly sliced turkey breast and mozzarella on a dill roll with avocado and red onion slices. The Greek salad…

Swiss Pastry Shop

Aug 15, 2016 By Texas Monthly

Though a landmark for the highly distinctive Black Forest cake and for pastrami on rye, Hans Peter Muller’s bakery-cafe takes on new, appealing hues with an evolving menu. Fascinating prime Texas Wagyu or Akaushi burger creations include one topped with poutine and blue cheese and another smothered in grilled poblano…


Jun 8, 2016 By Texas Monthly

Time and again, we find immense comfort at this mainstay in the Near Southside’s Fairmount district. Fresh simplicity emanates from the made-to-order, chunky guacamole, served in a small molcajete, from which we spoon portions into warm, supple corn tortillas, along with fiery pico de gallo. A deep bowl of rust-hued…

Heim Barbecue

Oct 15, 2015 By Daniel Vaughn

The brisket needs no adornment. It has great flavor and is imbued with melted fat to the point of decadence.

The Sausage Shoppe

Jun 24, 2015 By Daniel Vaughn

It was twenty years ago that Ivy Chambers moved his budding sausage business out of his home and into a bona fide restaurant in Fort Worth. Over the years he added more barbecue items to the menu – brisket, ribs, bologna – and continued to operate the business until handing…

Woodshed Smokehouse

Jun 25, 2013 By Daniel Vaughn

Not everything we had was a homerun, but we'd be glad to bring back three friends and give that beef shin our best shot.

Cooper’s Old Time Pit Bar-B-Que

May 3, 2013 By Daniel Vaughn

Pork ribs had a bit more a kick from black pepper, but they were also a bit chewy, especially the rib tips. A beef rib had decent flavor, but wasn’t particularly memorable. One memorable item worth noting is the beans. These are freebie beans to be doled out by the…

Wilson’s Bar-B-Q

May 3, 2013 By Daniel Vaughn

2011: Wilson’s has traded their meager digs on the west side of Fort Worth for another humble location at the 820/30 interchange on the east side of town. Driving around back to access the drive-thru, I was hoping to catch a glimpse of the smoker, but nothing was in sight.

Longoria’s BBQ

May 3, 2013 By Daniel Vaughn

2009: We opted for a three-meat plate of sliced brisket, St. Louis–style ribs, and the famous brisket sausage. Also on the plate were unremarkable green beans and over-sweet potato salad. But with meat of this quality staring you in the face, we were firmly focused on the protein. Tales of…

Cousin’s Bar-B-Q

May 3, 2013 By Daniel Vaughn

In barbecue time there’s before, during, and after. Before our meal at Cousin’s, we studied the brisket’s thin, dark crust. During our meal, the smoky taste made us lose track of our other senses. Ribs were rich. Sauce was tart. Sweet beans really were. After, we wondered where the time…