Fort Worth

Paris 7th

Apr 4, 2018 By Texas Monthly

Saint-Emilion's fashionable bistro serves classics from Paris and the countryside.


Apr 4, 2018 By Texas Monthly

A lively spot specializing in Neapolitan pizza, salads, meatballs, and wine.

La Zona

Feb 16, 2018 By Texas Monthly

Italy meets Spain in a hip cocktail lounge and coffee bar with satisfying tapas and pizza.


Feb 16, 2018 By Texas Monthly

Elevated renditions of Southern cooking soothe the soul.


Oct 12, 2017 By Texas Monthly

A fresh, modern interior showcases traditional Italian favorites.

Taco Heads

Jul 24, 2017 By Texas Monthly

Rare is the visit to this cheery hangout that we can get past the bowls of creamy queso, fresh guacamole, and salty, paper-thin chips. But we’re learning to offset that indulgence with new and welcome salad options. Owner-chef Sarah Castillo now turns each specialty taco on the menu into a…

Meso Maya

Jul 24, 2017 By Texas Monthly

A casual-chic addition to the Tanglewood neighborhood, Meso Maya trades in flavors from Oaxaca, Chiapas, and the Yucatan. Queso fundido proves the best sharing plate; spoon dollops of the hot Oaxaca and asadero cheeses, riddled with chiles and onion, into tender corn tortillas. The chile relleno experience is redefined by…

Istanbul Grill

Jul 17, 2017 By Texas Monthly

Sundance Square’s newest addition offers dishes that manage that magical balance of exquisite flavors and lovely appearance. The meze platter serves as a perfect survey of appetizers, with smoky-tart eggplant in the baba ghanoush; dill-wal- nut-infused yogurt in the haydari; and finely chopped tomato, cucumber, onion, and pomegranate in the…