La Finca

Jul 23, 2018 By Texas Monthly

A mostly Mexican menu is dedicated to the endless virtues of breakfast and brunch.


Jun 26, 2017 By Texas Monthly

The border search for breakfast tacos worthy of early Sunday morning bed extraction is often legendary, and winners remain guarded family secrets. But the secret’s long out with this former gas station that’s punted out hand-hewn flour tortillas stuffed with standards for decades. Hearty guisado (beef stew) is thick with…

Pat’s Kitchen

Dec 4, 2016 By Texas Monthly

The black-and-white-tiled floors and deep vinyl booths here hint that the Fonz might be in the back flipping burgers. Fortunately, a menu heavy on comfort food matches the meticulously sourced atmosphere. Burgers and sandwiches are staples, including an impressive Philly cheesesteak bracketed with your choice of house fries, tater tots,…