La Finca

May 6, 2019 By Texas Monthly

A mostly Mexican menu is dedicated to the endless virtues of breakfast and brunch.


Jun 26, 2017 By Texas Monthly

The border search for breakfast tacos worthy of early Sunday morning bed extraction is often legendary, and winners remain guarded family secrets. But the secret’s long out with this former gas station that’s punted out hand-hewn flour tortillas stuffed with standards for decades. Hearty guisado (beef stew) is thick with…

Pat’s Kitchen

Dec 4, 2016 By Texas Monthly

The black-and-white-tiled floors and deep vinyl booths here hint that the Fonz might be in the back flipping burgers. Fortunately, a menu heavy on comfort food matches the meticulously sourced atmosphere. Burgers and sandwiches are staples, including an impressive Philly cheesesteak bracketed with your choice of house fries, tater tots,…

San Telmo

Nov 16, 2016 By Texas Monthly

This new entry takes a decidedly studious approach to Argentina’s culinary art form: grilling. No quaint corner steakhouse here. Swank interiors rocket you past colonial expectations with crisp linens, plush seating, and tango music playing at a beguiling whisper as candles flicker. It’s all part of the stage setting for…

Siete Banderas

Jul 27, 2016 By Texas Monthly

Both catalyst and crown in a long-overdue downtown revitalization, this jewel holds promise. With a rooftop terrace, bleached white walls, colorful interiors, and live music, the place could have been plucked from the cliffs of sunny Santorini. The menu is globally eclectic with clear border anchors. Appetizers include a hubcap-size…

Pho Oi Vietnamese Noodle House

May 25, 2016 By Texas Monthly

This latest competitive entry in Vietnamese cuisine adds to the city’s multicultural growth with a studied menu of standards alongside Cajun crawfish preparations. The owners throw down the gauntlet with crisp, meaty egg rolls, devoid of the pale cabbage and standard shrimp you might expect and instead fat with pork…

Pho 68 Vietnamese Noodle House

Jan 4, 2016 By Texas Monthly

Vietnamese cuisine has had only sporadic lodging here, with not much success. But this latest venue shows promise, even if the setting is somewhat antiseptic and the menu limited. Tight spring rolls are crunchy with cabbage and pork and best when dredged in a trio of sweet and hot sauces.

Fonda Don Martin

Dec 2, 2015 By Texas Monthly

The menu at this cozy neighborhood taqueria moves far beyond the comfort of typical tacos. It all begins with flour tortillas coaxed out before your eyes by hands that have a rhythm all their own. We like to fill ours with chipotle-braised meatballs, decadent little orbs we bracket with thin…

La Laguna Mariscos & Sushi

Oct 5, 2015 By Texas Monthly

The border and seafood is often like New York State and fried green tomatoes—best not pursued or recognized (unless it’s family, of course). Now offering its third restaurant chapter, the growing Laguna family redefines border seafood with tightly orchestrated, fresh offerings. All borrow from the rich Mexican coastal seafood tradition…

Scratch Sandwich Company

Oct 5, 2015 By Texas Monthly

Here’s a corner deli elevating suburban sandwiches to verified Instagram moments. There’s no loafing around here with custom salads, subs, and wraps built to your specs. House dressings, pickles, and sauces offer clever customization. When Pigs Fly is piggy perfection, with bacon marmalade slathered on grilled chicken layered with baby…


Oct 4, 2015 By Texas Monthly

For those who dare to wear yoga pants when not doing yoga, here’s a judgment-free zone for both the fit and those meditating on same. This brightly colored corner has a studiously simple menu that’s heavy on rewarding flavors and reasonably sized portions. We like the tall New York–style pastrami…