Jan 7, 2020 By Texas Monthly

An unassuming strip mall houses this diamond in the rough.

City Diner

May 8, 2018 By Texas Monthly

Every town needs a post office, a library, and a place like City Diner.

Bootlegger Grill

Jun 22, 2017 By Texas Monthly

This laid-back venue reminds us of an English pub but with a distinct “cowboy meets mobster” flair. The TV screens are as plentiful as the fried-food options on the menu. We were pleased with the pulled-pork nachos, which were (surprisingly) served on deep-fried pita bread and topped with refried beans,…

Chillum Grill

Mar 20, 2017 By Texas Monthly

In a town where culinary diversity typically means Tex-Mex, this delightful oasis, which occupies space formally inhabited by a Kingdom Hall of Jehovah’s Witnesses, is more than welcome. The baba ghanoush was incredibly delicious, the eggplant smoky and served with a creamy, garlicky tahini sauce. It was a perfect lead-in…

Sumo Japanese Grill

Mar 2, 2017 By Texas Monthly

On the advice of a family friend and Longview native, we made a quick stop at this popular spot and sampled a bento box that was almost embarrassingly generous with its cornucopia of sushi, soup, salad, fried rice, shrimp tempura, and pork gyoza. After gazing longingly at another diner’s beef…

JTeez Café

Nov 16, 2016 By Texas Monthly

We have been eagerly monitoring the progress of this Caribbean cafe, a much needed addition to the ubiquitous Tex-Mex and Chinese chains here. Disappointingly, the wait time between ordering our food and being served seemed almost as long as the wait for opening day. Fortunately, though, the jerk chicken and…

T. Blanco’s

Oct 5, 2016 By Texas Monthly

This Mexican (and Tex-Mex) cafe is a nice co-adventure for the father-son duo of Thomas and Mason White. Seafood enchiladas with mojo-seasoned fish were quite pleasant; we tend to find the typical Tex-Mex side of rice and beans a tad tedious, so we were happy to discover alternatives here, including…

Tyler Street Bistro

Dec 7, 2015 By Texas Monthly

Though we have had a few less than perfect lunchtime experiences at this downtown bistro, chatter had it that it was time for another look. Apparently, the chatter has cred, as this time we found TSB to be a treasure, particularly for dinner. The lights were low and the ambience…