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Port Aransas


Mar 1, 2017 By Texas Monthly

Expect a wait at this tiny cottage, with only nine tables and a couple of servers squeezed in for good measure. There are more daily specials than seats in the house, and you should check the chalkboard for things like bacon candy, if sweet-salty-sticky-smoky pork sounds as appealing to you…


Feb 28, 2016 By Texas Monthly

Lisa and Chris Amundsen continue to delight diners with well-prepared and beautifully presented seafood at their congenial restaurant in the upscale Cinnamon Shores development. We like to start with the Mermaid Soup, lobster broth, coconut milk, and a mild curry with small bites of claw meat and red pepper. The…

Venetian Hot Plate

Jan 20, 2016 By Texas Monthly

Among a remarkable collection of good dining options on the island, Linda Halioua’s Port Aransas gem stands out. Service is professional, and entrées are varied and delightful: the spaghetti alla pescatora boasts shrimp, mussels, diver scallops, and clams in a peppery garlic-and-white-wine sauce, while the fettuccine con pollo e funghi…