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August 31, 1981

Hot and Bothered

In Body Heat a lust-befuddled lawyer fails to notice that his lover is setting him up for murder. The spy plot and love story of Under the Rainbow pale next to the sideshow attraction of 150 dwarfs. Endless Love only seems endless. Victory scores some points.

May 31, 1981

Blood Buff

The Fan is the story of a man whose adoration for an actress turns to hate, and the movie turns your stomach. Alan Alda takes a studiously liberated look at divorce among old married couples in The Four Seasons. Take This Job and Shove It is another workingman’s-hero movie; so

April 30, 1981

The Lion Sleeps

Lion in the Desert is like a breath of hot air. In Death Hunt, the Mounties take forever to get their man. Nighthawks never takes flight. In The Last Metro, Truffaut’s film about wartime Paris, he plays it a little too safe. The Postman Always Rings Twice doesn’t ring true.

April 1, 1981

Magnificent Deception

In Eyewitness things are never what the seem; Roman Polanskifailed to take a novel approach to Tess; a heroine of Cattle Annie and Little Britches keeps the movie from fading into the sunset; the producers of The Dogs of War should have let sleeping dogs lie; American Pop is kitsch

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