Chris O’Connell

Chris O’Connell is the Austin reporter for MySA, published by the San Antonio Express-News. His music criticism and reporting on culture, sports, technology, and art forgery has been published by Pitchfork, Men’s Health, the Texas Observer, the Columbia Journalism Review, and elsewhere.

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Texas History|
February 19, 2020

The Legend of John Holmes Jenkins

He was a notorious deal maker known for bringing priceless pieces of Texas history back to the state. He was also a suspected forger and arsonist. Thirty years ago, he was found dead in the Colorado River near Austin, and to this day a question remains: Could John Holmes Jenkins

March 22, 2017

Star Rocket in Flight

With slick television ads promoting his signature Adidas, hip-hop songs dropping his name, a possible MVP award, and the most famous beard since ZZ Top, James Harden has arrived. In fact, he may just be the biggest name in Texas.

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