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Dan Goodgame is Texas Monthly’s editor in chief. A Pulitzer Prize finalist and best-selling author, Goodgame joined TM in early 2019, after serving as a vice president at Rackspace, a cloud computing company based in San Antonio. Before that, Goodgame was editor in chief of Fortune Small Business magazine, whose subscribers were more than a million owners of entrepreneurial companies. He earlier worked for Time magazine as White House correspondent, Washington bureau chief, and assistant managing editor. He is coauthor of the book Marching in Place, about the first president Bush. Goodgame previously worked for the Miami Herald, including as a correspondent in the Middle East, covering the Israel-Lebanon and Iran-Iraq wars. A native of Pascagoula, Mississippi, Goodgame earned a bachelor’s degree at Ole Miss and a master’s in international relations at Oxford University, where he studied as a Rhodes Scholar.

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