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Reporter |
February 1, 1995

Precious Cargo

Kids shouldn’t be allowed to ride in the back of pickups. Soon—thanks to Lubbock’s Karen Slay-they won’t.

Reporter |
January 1, 1995

Texas Crude

A Dallas animation team creates caroons that would make even Beavis and Butt-head blush.

Lifestyle |
November 1, 1994

Sense and Sensuality

Cythina Allen’s course in romantic relations is half etiquette lesson, half ego boost for insecure men.

Reporter |
August 31, 1994

Ready to Burn

Among the nation’s highest fire risks, the Austin area needs to extinguish its volunteer protection.

Reporter |
March 1, 1994


He may live in a posh Houston ‘burb, but rap star Scarface wants to fix up his old ‘hood.

Reporter |
December 1, 1993

Lost Weekend

For Texas fans, the only thing worse than getting beat by OU was not being able to party all night.

Reporter |
September 30, 1993

Video Savants

Meet MTV’s Beavis and Butt-head, the wry handiwork of Dallas’ Mike Judge.

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