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Dan Solomon writes about politics, music, food, sports, criminal justice, health care, film, and business. Dan started working with Texas Monthly as a freelancer in 2013 before becoming a staff writer, covering topics from the Baylor sexual assault scandal to the gentrification of Austin barbecue to the legacy of Texas outsider artist Daniel Johnston. His reporting has appeared in the New York Times, GQ, Vanity Fair, Wired, Fast Company, Billboard, and Deadspin.

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The Daily Post|
April 4, 2014

A Special Prosecutor Is Investigating Governor Perry’s Decision To Cut Funding To The Public Integrity Unit

Special prosecutor Michael McCrum is "very troubled" about the way the Governor made good on his promise to pull funding for the unit if its head, embattled Travis County district attorney Rosemary Lehmberg, failed to resign her position.

The Daily Post|
April 3, 2014

Texas Athletic Director Steve Patterson Is Cool With Abandoning The Three-Year-Rule For College Football Players To Enter The NFL

Patterson's desire to take the UT brand to China and Dubai may have grabbed the headlines, but the bigger deal could be that he's comfortable dropping the three-year-rule that requires college football players to wait to enter the NFL Draft.

March 27, 2014

Greg Abbott Enters Fray in Lawsuits Involving “Sociopath” Doctor

The story of Dr. Christopher Duntsch—the North Texas neurosurgeon responsible for the death of two patients and the paralysis of four others—saw an interesting twist this week when the current Attorney General and gubernatorial hopeful used his office to intervene in three lawsuits against the hospital that allowed him to

Film & TV|
March 4, 2014

Revenge Porn Isn’t Illegal In Texas, But It Can Cost You Half a Million Dollars

"Revenge porn"—the public sharing of nude photos of someone on the Internet without their permission—isn't yet illegal in Texas. And after a Houston woman was awarded $500,000 in damages after her ex-boyfriend posted videos and images she gave him to YouTube and elsewhere, it's worth asking if it needs to

March 3, 2014

Will Elon Musk Bring The Future To Texas?

The eccentric billionaire is considering launching his space program in Cameron County and making his car batteries in-state—which could add thousands of space-age jobs to the Texas economy. 

February 26, 2014

SXSW Travesty: Lady Gaga Won’t Play Inside A Giant Doritos Vending Machine

Bad news, Little Monsters: You’re not going to be able to crash down onto a parking lot on 5th Street in Austin to catch Lady Gaga perform a free show from within the confines of a 56-foot-tall Doritos vending machine.The makeshift Doritos stage that pops up in a

The Daily Post|
February 21, 2014

Are We Over-Celebrating the Kid Who Returned a Lost Wedding Ring?

A Waco teenager found a wedding ring inside a baseball glove he bought at an Academy sporting goods store that belonged to the person who tried it on before him. Through the power of social media, he reconnected with the owner—and subsequently was rewarded by the store, the ring manufacturer,

The Daily Post|
February 19, 2014

Should The New “Tacoland” In San Antonio Have Changed Its Name?

Taco Land, the beloved punk rock dive in San Antonio, closed its doors in 2005 when owner Ram Ayala was shot and killed inside his own club. Now, the space has been renovated and reopened by a new owner—but just how much the new Tacoland resembles the old is up

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