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Food & Drink|
December 1, 1985

On the Menu: La Griglia

EVEN IF LA GRIGLIA were completely empty—which is highly unlikely—the enormous bawdy murals, busy mosaics, and bustling wait staff would give the impression of great activity. This popular eatery, located in the River Oaks Shopping Center, is a place to see and be seen—inevitable, since the restaurant is one of

Food & Drink|
September 30, 1985

On the Menu: Josephine St.

JOSEPHINE STREET CAFE is a classic Texas roadhouse in an era where there are no more roads, just freeways. In fact, the freeway—Highway 281—roars over the patio, but that doesn’t seem to deter the loyal patrons of this popular neighborhood hangout. Nor did the recent collision of a truck with

Food & Drink|
August 31, 1985

On the Menu: Liberty Bar

SAN ANTONIO’S LIBERTY BAR is a landmark for many reasons: it has been in continuous operation since 1890 and the building has been owned by the same family for just as long. But also the Liberty Bar has a certain status as one of the world’s “leaning“ landmarks, perhaps eclipsed

Food & Drink|
July 31, 1985

On the Menu: Cafe Highland Park

ALL SO OLD-WORLD, the menu is a sort of compendium of the Mediterranean’s greatest hits. Even a standby like Shrimp Scampi, sauteed in a tangy garlic lemon butter sauce, comes off with flair. The delicate phyllo basket stuffed with steamed spinach, mushrooms, crab, and shrimp on a bed of tomato

Web Exclusive|
December 31, 1969

On The Rodeo

Every season in Texas is rodeo season, but the biggest rodeos in the state are in February and March. Here’s our guide to rodeos—how they got started, how they work, which is the best, and rodeo champions’ secrets to being the best. We’ll also give you valuable tips on how

Being There|
December 31, 1969

Fall Foliage

Winnsboro Autumn TrailYou’ll have to go pretty far east or west in Texas to get brilliant fall foliage, but that’s nothing when the next-closest venue involves a trip to Maine or Vermont. Two areas in Texas are famous for fall color (three, if you count Lost Maples State Park near

Web Exclusive|
December 31, 1969

Dealey Plaza Revisited

Although the assassination of President John F. Kennedy occurred 33 years ago, the controversy over the events surrounding the assassination has never died down. On this anniversary we visited the crucial sites connected with the assassination, from Lee Harvey Oswald’s boarding house on West Beckley to the site of

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