Jeff Winkler's work has appeared in the New Republic, Vice magazine, PlayboyThe Daily Caller, The Awl, the Oxford American, and elsewhere. He has covered gun-toting carpetbaggers, attempted an alcohol enema, and ridden in the country's largest chuckwagon race. He is a college dropout living in Austin. 

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The Daily Post |
February 28, 2014

The State of Texas: Feb. 28, 2014

Video of the DayHey Girl, here’s the answer: Who is the sexiest Texas football coach? That’s right, the Kliff Kingsbury/Ryan Gosling connection was a question on Wednesday’s Jeopardy!Tweet Prank of The DayThat infamous Twitter account recounting comments made by Goldman Sachs employees on elevators was, like our housing

The Daily Post |
February 14, 2014

The State of Texas: Feb. 14, 2014

Op-Ed of the DayIn case you missed it, WFAA’s sports anchor Dale Hansen delivered an epic on-air op-ed Monday, addressing NFL-ready star and Texas native Michael Sam’s announcement that he’s gay. The meta-journalists at Poyner caught up with Hansen yesterday, who said he figured he’d get a reaction

The Daily Post |
February 10, 2014

The State of Texas: Feb. 10, 2014

Monday PlaylistNeed some tracks as maniac-producing as the weather’s been? The Dallas Observer has you covered with its Top Ten Best Texas Psychedelic Rock Albums.Tweet of the DayAll those photos of Russia’s poor attempts at hospitality (the toilet paper trash can, the yellow drinking water) are

The Daily Post |
January 21, 2014

The State of Texas: Jan. 21, 2014

RIPOn Sunday, country music legend Steve Fromholz went to that Big Songwriters Circle in the Sky. The 68-old died after a gun accidentally discharged during a hunting trip in El Dorado. Named Poet Laureate of Texas in 2007, Fromholz wrote a number of hit songs, including “I’d Have

The Daily Post |
January 14, 2014

The State of Texas: Jan. 14, 2014

Video of the DayFort Worth learned a valuable lesson recently: You can’t build a neo-modern bridge these days without some BMX dude trying to ride the top of it:  Photo of the DayA moody French photographer goes around Texas taking moody pictures of his little Batman doll posed in

The Daily Post |
January 13, 2014

The State of Texas: Jan. 13, 2014

Record-breakersOver the weekend, El Pasoans Robert Hendricks and Hector Navedo broke the world record for number of bowling pins knocked down in a 24-hour period; 30,537 pins to be exact, beating the previous 24-hour record by about 2,000. Congrats, kingpins.Hoax of the Month?Looks like Barnum and Bigfoot’s circus

The Daily Post |
January 10, 2014

The State of Texas: Jan. 10, 2014

Photo of the DayThe earth, as seen by Texas astronauts:If only … — Justice Don Willett (@JusticeWillett) January 10, 2014Preview of the DayMr. Primetime, Deion Sanders, has been downsized to the Oprah Winfrey channel. According to the Dallas Observer, the network will premiere the series

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