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Food & Drink |
March 19, 2013

Meet the Winemaker: Kim McPherson, McPherson Cellars

Those running in the Texas wine circle are well acquainted with Kim McPherson. He owns his own label, McPherson Cellars, and he’s been instrumental in moving the industry forward, consulting for many of the wineries across the state.He seems to have been bred for wine-making. His father,

Sports |
July 31, 2012

Shelly Roper-McCaslin, Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders Recruiter

Roper-McCaslin, who lives in Austin, has worked with the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders for 23 years as a cheerleader, a choreographer, and the lead recruiter.Growing up, my dad took my brother and me to just about every sporting event in Dallas, from Rangers baseball to Mavericks basketball. But it was the Cowboys football

Happy Trails |
January 1, 2004

Happy Trails

Comfort is surprisingly different from other Hill Country towns. In fact, it has a cosmopolitan feel. Maybe that’s why it has attracted so many urban refugees.

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