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March 1, 1985

Home Maker

Many of the best modern homes in the fifties featured natural materials, interior courtyards, and built-in furniture—and architect Harwell Harris was the reason.

January 1, 1985

Strident Whimsy

Arquitectonica is trying to sell Texans on gimmicky forms, bright colors, and high-tech materials in the name of avant-garde.

Style & Design|
September 1, 1983

Johnson & Johnson

In a glass-and-steel world of Houston skyscrapers, there was nothing like an art deco obelisk or a pink Gothic cathedral until architect Philip Johnson.

March 1, 1983

Architect in Wonderland

The barren plains of the Southwest and the fertile fields of his mind led architect Bruce Goff to create houses that got curiouser and curiouser.

July 31, 1982

The Comeback Of The Column

They haven’t designed any Parthenons or Colosseums yet, but architects like Robert Venturi and Michael Graves are bringing a touch of ancient Greece and Rome to Texas.

February 1, 1982

Burnet’s Milestone

A winning design for the Burnet Civic Center shows why regionalist architecture is still going strong in rural Texas.

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