Marion Winik

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Books |
May 31, 1999

East Toward Home

The Town Lake soccer fields in Austin, shopping at Kathleen Sommers in San Antonio, sunsets in Big Bend: Good-bye to all that and (sniff) a whole lot more.

Books |
April 1, 1998

Kid Stuff

My literary mentor warned me not to write about my children. So why did I? Because I had to.

Science |
May 31, 1991

Animal House

At a Central Texas facility, researchers show lab-raised chimps things their mothers never taught them.

Lifestyle |
November 1, 1990

Soul Survivors

The dear departed may be gone, but on the Day of the Dead they’re not forgotten.

Lifestyle |
June 30, 1990

Losing It

Sometimes, in the search for misplaced objects, we find things we didn’t know we were looking for.

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