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When you meet art assistant Nicki Longoria, you can’t help but notice her tattoos: the eye-catching images include a slice of pizza, a rotary phone, a panther, and a tribute to her World War II vet grandfather. She applies this same creative flair daily in the art department, where she’s been doing color correction, Photoshop touch-ups, and photo-shoot work for the past two years. She also wrangles the Texas Monthly Tumblr and Instagram accounts and is mastering the fine art of snarky hashtags. 

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March 23, 2015

Celebrate the Spurs (in Haiku)

Having grown up on the South Side of San Antonio, I know that the Spurs aren’t just a team, they’re a way of life. To show my support, I did what any fan would do: make like Bashō and pen five haikus, one for every NBA title. 

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