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Writer-at-large Peter Elkind is an award-winning investigative journalist and a reporter at ProPublica. In addition to Texas Monthly, he has written for the Washington Post, New York Times Magazine, Fortune, and the New Yorker, and he is a former editor of the Dallas Observer. His books include The Smartest Guys in the Room: The Amazing Rise and Scandalous Fall of Enron, which he cowrote and which was adapted into an Oscar-nominated documentary; Client 9: The Rise and Fall of Eliot Spitzer, which also inspired a documentary; and The Death Shift: The True Story of Nurse Genene Jones and the Texas Baby Murders, the subject of which he has written about for Texas Monthly. His awards include a 2012 Gerald Loeb Award for magazine writing, a 2015 New York Press Club Award for political reporting, a 2016 Society of Professional Journalists Award for investigative reporting, and various Henry R. Luce Awards from Time Inc. A graduate of Princeton University, Elkind lives in Fort Worth.

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May 25, 2017

Prosecutors Race to Keep Angel-of-Death Behind Bars

Texas is scheduled to release Genene Jones, a former nurse and suspected serial killer of children, early next year. Today, prosecutors in San Antonio moved to prevent her release, bringing a new murder charge against Jones in connection with the death of a child 35 years ago.

True Crime|
May 1, 1990

The Curse of the Black Lords

Terri Lee Hoffman was a New Age Aunt Bee whose gospel attracted many followers. But some of those believers ended up on a dark, twisted path that led to violent death—and the enrichment of their guru.

September 30, 1989

That Brainpower Guy

Incarnate Word was an obscure Catholic school before Lou Agnese launched his multimillion-dollar ad campaign. Now the college is booming, and Agnese is a local star.

August 1, 1987

Cities in Bondage

When eighty-year-old Decker Jackson gives financial advice to Texas public officials, nothing in life is certain but debt and taxes.

January 1, 1987

Texas Monthly Reporter

The citizens of Muleshoe lose their only hospital, thanks to a California chain; the citizens of Houston learn the value of caution, thanks to a local developer; the citizens of the world get a chance to improve their potency, thanks to the Aggies.

October 1, 1986

Going for Broke

In boom times, John Connally and Ben Barnes used their political magic to build a sprawling real estate empire. Now they’re in a desperate struggle to keep themselves afloat.

News & Politics|
May 1, 1986

The Quest That Fizzled

Everyone agreed it was time for greatness at UT. But after a nationwide search for a new president, the only man the regents could agree on was a campus insider who professed no great vision at all.

July 31, 1984

Texas Monthly Reporter

Is Texas shrinking? Are the Kimbell’s spirits sinking? Are Midland and Odessa really linking? Where are Houston’s sports fans drinking?

September 30, 1983

Texas Monthly Reporter

Texas becomes a disaster zone; a magazine empire enters the twilight zone; the district attorney’s office in San Antonio is a war zone; problems crop up in the Dallas-Fort Worth Airport flight zone.

True Crime|
July 31, 1983

The Death Shift

The three-to-eleven evening shift, Bexar County Hospital, San Antonio: nurse Genene Jones was on duty in the pediatric intensive care unit, and for months babies kept having mysterious—sometimes fatal—emergencies. Why?

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