Ah Sing Den

Dec 6, 2016 By Texas Monthly

The former East Side Show Room is now a swanky but comfortable lounge named for Ah Sing, whose own establishment allegedly purveyed opium to the literary lights of Victorian London. Alas, only “tipples and morsels” are offered in this sumptuous brick-lined space decked out in Chinese lanterns and gorgeous pastel…


May 8, 2018 By Texas Monthly

Asian-inspired shareable plates and cocktails in a clubby setting.

Asian Mint

Nov 19, 2015 By Texas Monthly

Walls of a lively green hue hung with huge prints of herbs work well with the clean lines of this tucked-away spot in a strip mall across from Medical City Hospital. A sweet cucumber dipping sauce pairs well with five generous skewers of chicken satay, and the glass noodles with…


Mar 19, 2019 By Texas Monthly

Botika enchants with an evocative space and unique menu of Asian and Latin American fusion.

Gung Ho

May 8, 2018 By Texas Monthly

The location and the bar are the best things going for this new spot on lower Greenville.

Hot Joy

Feb 17, 2016 By Texas Monthly

Offering Asian cooking as exuberant as its name, Hot Joy has made a resounding splash in Southtown’s restaurant scene. In a dining room resplendent in shades of Chinese red (including the chopsticks and the furniture), Hot Joy sets a merry tone. An egg roll here is barbacoa lumpia, delicious and…


Oct 3, 2018 By Texas Monthly

Kent Rathbun's Asian-inspired hot spot in Victory Park.


Jan 29, 2019 By Texas Monthly

The Lombardis strike gold in Legacy West.


May 9, 2018 By Texas Monthly

A brilliant mash-up of pan-Asian flavors and Texas barbecue.

Masala Wok

Aug 16, 2016 By Texas Monthly

At this popular chain, you first pick your cuisine, Asian or Indian, then you pick a protein, a sauce, and add-ons. We landed on the Indian side of the menu, which meant chicken with a side of basmati rice, to which we added a spinach masala sauce (spinach, cumin seeds,…

Old Thousand

Feb 3, 2017 By Texas Monthly

Inspired by the wild-card tile in mahjong, this neighborhood eatery connects on a lot of levels. Want a gin joint that slings up saucily named cocktails like a Fo’Shizi (shizi is Chinese for “persimmon”)? This is the spot. Under the watchful gaze of a crown-bedecked panda bear, a talented crew…

Sake Sushi

Jan 27, 2017 By Texas Monthly

We were excited that a sister restaurant of one of our favorite Shreveport sushi spots was slated to open in Tyler, but our excitement morphed into disenchantment with our first visit. Though the service was congenial and prompt, we found the food to be just ho-hum. The ahi tuna was…


Nov 28, 2017 By Texas Monthly

A second location brings dazzling interpretations of classic sushi to South Austin.


Feb 3, 2017 By Texas Monthly

Ronald Cheng finally took over the space below his Chinatown location in Northwest Hills (formerly Musashino) and put in a casual spot for Asian street food. The food is everything we want to nibble on while drinking with friends: chile-flecked edamame, soup dumplings in little tins that make them easier…

Uyghur Bistro

Nov 8, 2016 By Texas Monthly

Culinary explorations along Bellaire Boulevard are just plain fun, and the rustic, hearty fare at this welcoming Chinese halal bistro is worth checking out. We found the menu (with pictures) thoroughly approachable and selected two house specials. One, “Big Plate Chicken,” was a comforting platter of bone-in chicken pieces, mildly…


Feb 8, 2016 By Texas Monthly

The Mona Lisa smile on the face of the gilded, larger-than-life Buddha overseeing the upscale dining room seems to reflect the satisfaction of Tony Lam’s patrons. At our last visit, a large filet of sea bass, grilled to a hint of crispiness with a moist, tender interior, came on…