1848 BBQ

Mar 2, 2017 By Texas Monthly

Abraham Avila has been very much missed since he shut the doors at Wild Blue Barbecue and disappeared from the scene. But now he’s back, keeping it simple in an old office building with a large covered patio. His brisket, pulled pork, and ribs were executed perfectly, with well-rendered fat…

18th & Vine Barbeque

Dec 3, 2015 By Daniel Vaughn

18th & Vine Barbecue it is a restaurant where you can get good barbecue and take the picky in-laws who value reservations, a full bar, and a steak.

2M Smokehouse

Oct 18, 2017 By Texas Monthly

In 2015 Esaul Ramos left San Antonio for Austin and became the lead pitmaster at La Barbecue. Now he’s back in his hometown with a barbecue joint of his own. 2M Smokehouse opened last year and quickly gained traction. Ramos could have done a La Barbecue copycat, but he went…

4-T’s Bar-B-Q

Apr 14, 2014 By Daniel Vaughn

It is hard to pick a favorite, but the pulled pork is about as good as you can get. A bad bite couldn’t be found.

Augie’s Barbed Wire Smokehouse Bar-B-Que

May 3, 2013 By Daniel Vaughn

2010: It was plenty busy on a Saturday at lunch time, but I was taking my order to go. They allow you to order by the quarter pound, so I went for a pork spare rib, a beef rib, and some brisket slices. The knife man clued me in that…

Austin’s BBQ and Catering

May 3, 2013 By Daniel Vaughn

This converted gas station, its service bays occupied by two portable cast-iron pits, immediately filled our tanks with pecan-smoked brisket and tender pepper-crusted pork ribs. The fresh coleslaw made up for a tomatoey sauce better suited to pasta. We ignored the five chain-link-enclosed picnic tables and ate by the car—whose…

B & D Ice House

Sep 12, 2015 By Daniel Vaughn

When Jason and Jake Dady opened Two Bros. BBQ Market, the barbecue joint on San Antonio’s north side of town was met with critical acclaim (including from Texas Monthly, which named it one of the Top 50 in 2013). Pivoting off of this success, the brothers decided to turn their sights…

Baby Back Shak

May 3, 2013 By Daniel Vaughn

Owner Clarence Cohens is from Memphis, where, apparently, they have their own barbecue traditions.

Back Home BBQ

Mar 23, 2016 By Daniel Vaughn

With a drive-thru and value pricing, this family-friendly joint serves up brisket that's better than it needs to be for the price.

Backwoods BBQ

Mar 2, 2017 By Texas Monthly

A barbecue joint is a barbecue joint, but this place has a few things that make it special. First, it’s large and brand-new; second, it’s owned a by a nice family of multiple generations; and last but not least, the all-you-can-eat pork ribs (tender and lip lickin’) on Thursdays and…

Baker Boys BBQ

Apr 14, 2016 By Daniel Vaughn

In Luling, Wayne Baker grew up on the basics of barbecue. Brisket, ribs, and beef sausage came wrapped up in butcher paper at City Market, the favored barbecue joint of his youth. “I didn’t really know a barbecue plate existed,” he told me at his barbecue joint, Baker Boys BBQ in Gonzales.

Barbecue House

May 3, 2013 By Daniel Vaughn

2010: Originally opened in 1959, this joint moved to this location in 2004. It is owned and operated by John McClellan, a second generation pitmaster and the brother of Mike McClellan who runs Mike’s BBQ house on the other side of town. The interior is decorated mostly with dead animal…

Barbecue Inn

May 3, 2013 By Daniel Vaughn

Barbecue Inn is a beloved restaurant in Houston, but not because of its barbecue. Ask a local where to find the best fried chicken, chicken fried steak, or fried shrimp—oh, the fried shrimp—and the seemingly unlikely name is likely to come up. I first ate there years ago with J.C.

Barbecue Station

May 3, 2013 By Daniel Vaughn

The $5.99 “Fill-er Up” baked potato stuffed with chopped beef is one of the better deals in town. The meats across the board are better than average. Also try the unique potato salad (with olives instead of pickles) and the endless pinto beans.

Bartley’s Bar-B-Q

May 3, 2013 By Daniel Vaughn

2010: It’s always good to ask for a mix of lean and fatty brisket and not get an odd stare. Instead, the knife man just grabbed a beautiful piece of the point and starting slicing. They were out of ribs, so I added pork loin to the order based on…

BBQ Godfather

Feb 21, 2015 By Daniel Vaughn

Spring, Texas is evidently large enough for more than one great food truck. This town of 50,000 just north of Houston has been home to Corkscrew BBQ, a Texas Monthly Top 50 selection, since 2011. Now, just five minutes east is a new food truck park where BBQ Godfather sits…

Big Daddy’s Ribs & BBQ

Jun 10, 2015 By Daniel Vaughn

So often when you find the Kansas City staple on a Texas menu, it’s just cubed up fatty brisket with some extra seasoning or sauce added. The fatty morsels at Big Daddy’s were surrounded by an intense bark and smoked to a transformative point. Biting through the sometimes tough outer…

Bigham’s Smokehouse Real Pit Bar-B-Q

Jun 12, 2013 By

We’ve got a friend who won’t eat food you have to carry to your table on a tray. Too bad, because this joint offers sublime barbecue and the kind of ranch-house-great-room atmosphere that people appreciate when hunting honest Texas cuisine. We loaded up our platters with ribs, sausage, turkey, beans,…