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City Diner

May 8, 2018 By Texas Monthly

Every town needs a post office, a library, and a place like City Diner.

Maple Leaf Diner

Dec 16, 2015 By Texas Monthly

“Bringing a little Canada to Texas” means, in this case, poutine, that addictive combination of fries, cheese curds, and gravy; after a half serving, we were ready to plow the back 40. The rest of the menu is decidedly American, with plenty of burgers, fried goodness, and specialties like cabbage…

Norma’s Cafe

Aug 16, 2016 By Texas Monthly

Arriving on the cusp of breakfast and lunch, we went with an old-fashioned blue-plate special: a platter of Texas-style meat loaf, black-eyed peas, glazed carrots, mashed potatoes, and a big fluffy roll. The mile-high pies are spectacular; we’re particularly fond of the coconut cream. The service is friendly, and the…